Playa de Aro

Playa de Aro, a lively resort all year round on the Costa Brava

In the pure sense of the word, Playa de Aro is a popular tourist destination built around a beach. There is no historic centre, but there is a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars, flamenco clubs, sangria tents and discos. The pleasures of the beach, gastronomy, water sports and nightlife are the main source of this town’s income. On the bright side, it can be said that here in Playa de Aro is where the interesting part of the Costa Brava begins. Here you can celebrate your holiday with long nights and an exciting life. Despite the fact that this type of entertainment only appeals to some, every year more than 100,000 people love coming on holiday to Playa de Aro

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Playa de Aro, many residential areas for many tourists

Playa de Aro forms part of the municipality of Castell d’Aro and includes the villages of Santa Cristina d’Aro, S’Agaró and Castell d’Aro. Together, they form a set of residential areas with luxury apartments, hotels and villas, surrounded by pine trees and rich vegetation.

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The only centre of interest in Playa de Aro is its parish church, built in the style of a Catalan country house and awkwardly isolated in the green landscape. Playa de Aro offers many recreational, commercial and night-time activities. Between Playa de Aro and Sant Feliu de Guixols you will see the residential centre of S’Agaró, where rich Barcelonese and foreigners live, a perfect example of elegant tourism.

Playa de Aro: from hamburger and chips to fine dining

In Playa de Aro, a pleasant Mediterranean climate reigns with average summer temperatures of around 30 degrees. Many Belgians, Dutch, Germans, British and French have their second homes here and regularly return for a long stay or to spend the winter in their apartment or luxury villa. Here, business runs at full speed all year long. Playa de Aro is not a cheap holiday destination. Other than many tents where you can grab a burger and chips, the high-end restaurants and shops selling nationally and internationally branded clothing are testimonies to a more affluent clientele.

From hamburger and chips to fine dining

Playa de Aro, from big beaches to the charms of small coves

Those who come to Playa de Aro probably spend all day lying on the beach. The most popular beach is definitely Playa Gran or the Big Beach. The beach extends for 3 km and has fine golden sand and deep waters. On the dike along the beach, you will find a wide range of bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours where you can treat yourself to a cold drink or a snack. If you’re looking for a little more privacy, you can retreat to one of the many small idyllic bays where it will be much quieter.

The marina west of the main beach of Playa de Aro is one of the most modern marinas of the Costa Brava. Beaches and bays are accessible by foot on a path that runs along the coastline. This maritime path extends from the Punta Rocossa to the Torre Valentina of Calonge. During a walk along this magnificent path, you will enjoy beautiful views and you’ll find spectacular villas with views of the calm, dazzling azure-blue Mediterranean sea.

The beaches are interspersed with picturesque bays such as the Cala Artigues, Playa Et Rovira and the narrow green Playa de Sa Cova, Cala de les Carbasses, Cala del Pi, Playa d’en Ros, Cala dels Canyers, Playa Balladona, Playa de Comte de Sant Jordi, Playa Can Cristus, Cala del Cap de Roques Planes and Playa de Torre Valentina.

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