Calendar of events in Tossa de Mar

Authenticity and influence – these two words perfectly describe the seaside resort of Tossa de Mar. Cultural, religious and gastronomic events are all part of life in Tossa de Mar.

Taking part in these events is an excellent way to discover Catalan culture and join in the rhythm of this little town on the Costa Brava. Throughout the year, discover all the traditions of life in a Catalan village.

Here is a calendar of events month by month in Tossa de Mar.

From January to March

January 5: Parade of the Three Kings
This is an event that will be particularly enjoyable for families on holidays on the Costa Brava! Big and small will enjoy this typically Spanish parade. The tradition of the Three kings remains strong in Spain and they bring Christmas presents to the children every year! To coincide with this, the towns organise parades with the kings at the centre and they distribute sweets to the spectators as they go along!

February 20: Carnival in Tossa de Mar
Enjoy a “Costa Brava Carnival” parade in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Get into the mood and watch the parades with the inhabitants of Tossa de Mar or you can even put on your best costume and join in!

Set off to discover the Costa Brava and its traditions by choosing to stay in Tossa de Mar. All year round, in high or low season, this town has some lovely surprises for you!

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From April to June

Mid-avril: the Indianos market
The Indianos were the adventurers of the 18th and 19th centuries, originally from the Costa Brava, who left to make their fortune across the Atlantic in the “Spanish Indies”. They returned rich and built splendid houses in their home villages. You will find their traces almost everywhere in the towns and villages of the Costa Brava, for example at the Sant Miquel Hospital in Tossa de Mar.

April 23: Sant Jordi
Sant Jordi is a popular Catalan festival devoted to people in love. The tradition goes that couples exchange a rose and a book on this day. Why not take advantage of this typical festival to spend a romantic weekend in Tossa de Mar.

May 1st: Feast of the Holy Cross
During the feast of the Holy Cross, processions walk through the streets of Tossa de Mar. Holy cross and flowerbed competitions, as well as sardanes (traditional Catalan dances) are also held. This charming, traditional event is one that you won’t want to miss during your stay in Tossa de Mar.

May 26: Corpus Christi
To coincide with this very popular religious feast, the streets of the old town are decorated with carpets of flowers. These beautiful and spectacular creations are part of the timeless charm in Tossa de Mar. You can also enjoy dance performances like the sardine, and processions.

Early June: Euro Mediterranean Food Tourism Congress
This bi-annual congress takes place at the same time as the “fideos” festival in Tossa de Mar. Fideos are little vermicelli that are widely used in Catalan cuisine and form the basis for “fideua”, a kind of paella in which the rice is replaced by pasta. This congress is devoted to both European and Mediterranean gastronomy. It is a real treat for foodies and lovers of haute cuisine!

June 5: Fishermen’s day
This festival goes back to the origins of Tossa de Mar by celebrating its fishermen! When the day begins, you can take the traditional breakfast of the men of the sea – grilled sardines – on the main town beach. When evening comes, you can try “cremat”, a hot traditional beverage made with rum, as you listen to the sailors sing.

June 28 to July 1: Festa Major de Tossa de Mar
In Catalonia, the “festa majors” designate the town festivals, generally on the feast day of the Saint with which the town is associated. It is on Saint Peter’s Day that Tossa de Mar celebrates its “festa major”. Balls, concerts, fireworks and sardanes: the town puts on its finest for the delight of locals and tourists alike! Don’t miss the big fireworks display on July 1st which brings the festival to a close!

From July to September

August 27: Summer carnival
Enjoy the seasonal festival atmosphere with the Tossa de Mar summer carnival. Shows and parades galore await you whether you have come to Tossa de Mar as a family or with friends!

August 28: International Speed Painting Competition in Tossa de Mar
This is an original event that is organised each year in Tossa de Mar. Artists have to create a work of art inspired by Tossa de Mar in just one day! Apart from the prize-giving ceremony, you can admire the works that are created. They remain on display in Tossa until the end of the summer season.

Throughout the month of September: “Cim-i-Tomba” gastronomic campaign
The “Cim-i-Tomba” is a typical dish from Tossa de Mar made from rockfish. To coincide with this gastronomic event, several restaurants suggest a special menu composed of the renowned Cim-i-Tomba as a first dish, a second dish and a dessert. It is the opportunity to discover the many variants chosen by each restaurant and to dive into Catalan gastronomy.

From October to December

October 8 and 9: Encounter with the Sardane Dancers
This is an event that is totally typical of Catalonia! The sardane is a traditional dance that is performed as a group. During these encounters, the dancers take to the stage over two days, accompanied by different orchestras.

October 13: Sant Grau country festival
This religious festival pays tribute to the mediaeval hermit Sant Grau who resided in Tossa de Mar. On this occasion, an open mass for the public is celebrated in the monastery of Sant Grau, located in the Cadiretes mountain range. You can also watch a sardane performance.

December: Tossa de Mar Christmas market
Discover Catalan crafts and gastronomy at the stands that are set up for the Tossa de Mar Christmas market!

To find out details about all the events in Tossa de Mar, ask for information at the town Tourist Office or on their website by clicking here.