Prepare for your stay in Tossa de Mar: practical information

Good organisation is the secret to a successful holiday! Discover our advice and reviews to prepare for your stay in Tossa de Mar.

Are you asking yourself questions about how to travel there, about administrative requirements, emergency numbers, getting around, accommodation or how to find medical care in Spain?

With the help of our articles on these subjects, you will have peace of mind during your holiday on the Costa Brava!

Why choose Tossa de Mar for your next holiday?

Tossa de Mar is not the best known seaside resort on the Costa Brava. Located on the Catalan coast in the province of Girona, it has a number of advantages nevertheless.

Here are 3 good reasons to make Tossa de Mar your next holiday destination.

1- Easy access from the UK and France

Located 120 km from the French border, 50 km from Girona and 100 km from Barcelona, this seaside resort is in an ideal location in Catalonia. By car or using public transport, discover the best ways to travel to Tossa de Mar.

Once there, you will need information about getting around or parking in town. Don’t panic: we have prepared an article on the subjectDriving and getting around Tossa de Mar and the surrounding area”.

Discover the charms of Tossa de Mar and its region!

2- An authentic, family friendly seaside resort

In Tossa de Mar, you will generally encounter families from Catalonia, but also from all over Europe, come to enjoy the charm and quiet of this former fishing village. The pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of the town centre and the old town are particularly appreciated. Will you be next? Although tourism has greatly increased and the town becomes very busy during the summer season, Tossa de Mar has retained its authentic nature.

You can take advantage of the many services catering to tourists. First among these are the shops and supermarkets for shopping for groceries and also for a shopping day in or around Tossa de Mar. To find out more, read “good ideas for shopping” in and around the resort.

3- A perfect location on the Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar is a good base for visiting a numbers of towns as well as villages on the Costa Brava. Make the most of the sea, too, and the superb coves and inlets and the inland scenery including the Cadiretes range that is just minutes away.

Various possibilities are available to you to make the most of your holidays in Tossa de Mar.

As a family or with friends, for cultural tourism, eco-tourism or a sporting holiday, Tossa de Mar is THE destination to choose in Spain!

A well-planned holiday is the key to a successful holiday!

To avoid any nasty surprises and spend an unforgettable summer holiday, the secret is to prepare your trip in advance.

Once you get there, all you will have to do is relax!

To take advantage of superb and well-located accommodation that is waiting for you when you arrive in Tossa de Mar, book now! Discover our great accommodation offers in Tossa de Mar.

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See the holiday rentals in Tossa de Mar.

Remember to bring our article about emergency numbers and useful addresses in Tossa de Marwith you. We hope that you won’t need to use them, but as they say: “better safe than sorry”!