Tossa de Mar: the old town and its ramparts

The charm of Tossa de Mar lies in its ramparts and the small cobbled streets of the old town. This unique place on the Costa Brava offers you beautiful walks and surprising discoveries!

Follow the guide to visit the so-called Catalan “Vila Vella”!

The charm of Tossa’s ramparts

Tossa de Mar, charming village on the Costa Brava

The ramparts of the town, whose construction began in the twelfth century to protect it from barbarian attacks, were classed as historical monuments in the early 1930s. The walls have three towers and four dungeons strewn across them which are recognizable from afar.

The most famous towers are the Hours and the Tribute Towers. At the top of Vila Vella, once stood a castle with a lookout. Nowadays, the lighthouse and an exhibition on Mediterranean lighthouses have taken its place.

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A remarkable component of the ramparts of Tossa de Mar is that the original perimeter of the old town has been preserved almost in its entirety.

What could be more pleasant than a stroll through the shaded alleyways of the “Vila Vella” and a walk along the ramparts? In the summertime you can take this stroll whilst listening to music because many concerts are staged within the old town.

Take a stroll through the alleys of the old town!

Inside the old town, you will enjoy the calm of the cobbled streets lined with whitewashed houses. At the peak of its splendour, in the fifteenth century, the old town comprised 80 houses, most of which were built next to the walls.

During your stroll you can admire the sea view from the old Sant Vicenç church. Here gothic ruins intertwine with the azure blue of the sea to offer tourists one of the most romantic landscapes.

Take a stroll through the alleys of the old town!

At the end of the Medieval period, at the turn of the sixteenth century, the town became too small for the number of inhabitants and began to spread beyond its walls. To the side of Sa Roqueta the old Can Leandro farm can be found and the town’s inhabitants would settle along the royal road in later days.

Tossa de Mar’s charm fosters a unique and serene atmosphere. Make the most of nightfall to walk along the lit ramparts and to admire the town’s beaches.