Tossa de Mar with children

Are you looking for your next family holiday destination? Look no further than Tossa de Mar! At the heart of the Costa Brava, the peace and the charm of this spot make it the perfect place for a holiday with children.

You will find a variety of services available that are suitable for children and adults alike. Discover the best places to visit, the best excursions and the best family activities to do in Tossa de Mar!

Tossa de Mar, a family destination on the Costa Brava

This seaside resort has a long-standing tradition of family tourism. In summertime, locals and foreign visitors light up the streets of this old fishing village that is perfect for children.

Advantage Number 1: the setting. You can choose between a day at the beach, traditional sporting activities or water sports and excursions to the mountains or out to sea.

Advantage number 2: Tossa de Mar is a small town with a pedestrianised historic town centre. Children are free to roam around and enjoy themselves without the dangers related to road traffic. Several municipal facilities and private services give pride of place to children, making their parents very happy!

Choose Tossa de Mar for your next family holiday. Treat your children to a dream holiday and book a villa in this seaside resort.

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Activities and services that are suitable for children.

Numerous possibilities exist to keep busy or have some family fun in Tossa de Mar. Apart from the playgrounds located at several places in the town and the heavenly beaches, you will have no shortage of options for treating your little darlings!

Several activities are suitable for children and adults alike, so you can come together to have fun as a family and spend an unforgettable time together.

Rain (although it’s pretty rare) or shine, mountain or sea, town or country, with our selection of family activities every day is different in Tossa de Mar!

A day at the beach with children

Visiting Tossa de Mar with children

Sporting activities for children

Amusement parks around Tossa de Mar