Costa Calida As A Holiday Destination

The beautiful coast

Costa Calida is located in the south eastern corner of Spain, just 40 kilometers away from the famous Murcia and it started to become a more and more popular tourist attraction due to the fact that its climate is an enviable one and its beaches are some of the finest and most delicate you have ever seen.

A stretch of 250 kilometers waits for you with romantic coves, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches; it is also a paradise for those who love golf, as it hosts one of the most famous Golf resorts in Spain: the wonderful La Manga. Tourists adore this Spanish coast, as it enjoys 300 full days of sunshine every single year, so you also have to try it!

The attractions of the Costa Calida

One of the most important attractions of the coast is represented by the charming Mar Menor, a curiosity of nature protected by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea; it is actually a salt water lagoon that was formed here by the same waters that protect it.

What is important about the Mar Menor is that it is a great spot for all sorts of water sports, because its constitution allows tourists to practice them in a safe environment. The coast has a long series of resorts that attract the attention of tourists with their wonderful and exquisite services and facilities: Puerto de Mazarron, Cartagena, Aguilas and Santiago La Ribera are just a few of them.

Puerto de Mazarron

Puerto de Mazarron is a very popular tourist destination, as it attracts visitors with its spectacular hotel facilities and its active nightlife. The fishing village has a couple of splendid beaches, as well as parts of coastline that haven’t been spoilt by the hand of man. You have to visit Mazarron, as you will fall in love with its landscapes dominated by the Mazzaron Bay and the Almenara Mountain range: they are absolutely fantastic!


The capital of Costa Calida, Murcia is described as a beautiful city, with a rich historic heritage. You should visit the churches that were built on former mosques, the Cathedral that represents the most important monument in the city, the Bishop’s Palace and the Santa Ana Convent.

You will surely be impressed by their architecture and their unique style! Costa Calida is really a small part of this amazing country that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime: it completely deserves your attention!