Costa De Luz: A Travel Guide

Discovering Costa de Luz

Costa de Luz is definitely the most southern coast that Spain has and a very popular one due to its spectacular climate. Its shores stretch from Tarifa, which is renowned as being a paradise for surfers up to the beautiful Taguas estuary that forms the natural border with Portugal.

Costa de Luz waits for its visitors with beautiful pine clad countryside, with spectacular, clean beaches, with amazing surroundings that offer you a tranquil state and with picturesque fishing villages where the traditions and the customs of the country managed to survive.

This is the place where you will have the chance to feel the authentic Spanish air, the spirit and the feel that makes this country such a wonderful place on earth. You will also discover that the sands are extremely fine, finer than in many other places you have visited, even in Spain. How can one not fall in love with something like this?

The beautiful Cadiz

Costa de Luz has a series of attractions that you are not allowed to miss, as well as a series of towns that are absolutely beautiful, the perfect holiday destinations.

One of these towns is the charming Cadiz, a place that will impress you with its rich historical heritage and with its typical Andalusian flavors that still live in its old part. February is the most wonderful time when you should visit Cadiz, as it is the month that hosts the joyous carnival which became famous throughout the world.

Huelva and its attractions

Huelva should be on your list as it has some of the most beautiful and amazing natural parks in the entire country. It also attracts the attention of tourists with its stretched beaches that were unspoilt by the hand of man, heavenly escapes in the middle of modernity. Those who want to spend a few days in Huelva should choose Hotel Del Mar or Hotel Puertatierra.

Attractive villages

Along the impressive coast, a few villages patiently wait for their visitors, living their simple but outstanding life. Barbate is one of them and it became popular due to the fact that its special air of old fishing village and its delicious traditional dishes that contain fish are not easy to reproduce.

Chipiona has lovely beaches, while Matalscanas attracts visitors with its location: very close to the picturesque Donana Natural Park. You have to see Costa de Luc: it really is one of those destinations worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.