Most important tourist spot in Spain – Barcelona

Most popular city of Spain, Barcelona is the hub of activities. It is the second most populous state; this capital of Catalonia is a popular business centre, a tourist spot and a historical city, overwhelmingly popular for its historical buildings of Gothic architecture etc. Those who are interested in seeing Barcelona will certainly need to spend quite some days to go round the entire city of Barcelona. Today Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city. Some of the most popular places of Barcelona are:

La Sagrada Familia:

Even if you do not have time to get into this Cathedral, which is nearing completion, at least have a glimpse of it from outside. Beware! You will be tempted to get into this splendid architectural marvel. The pride child of Barcelona, Antonio Gaudi, is the person behind this beautiful cathedral.

You will be convinced that every work of sculpture, painting etc in this Cathedral has life – it just speaks. The four towers of this most inspiring Cathedral are the ultimate in sculpture.  After the death of Gaudi 1978, the construction work of this imposing cathedral slowed down because of embroilment in some controversy. That being resolved, the work is now going on and is nearing completion too.


This village on hill is located on the Southwest direction from the city of Barcelona and was one of the Olympic villages during the 1992 Olympic Games. Apart from the imposing natural beauty, it is also the home for the most popular museums and large parks etc. The former bullring, Plaça de Braus Les Arenes, is also located here. In the year 1966, the famous Beatles held a concert in this bullring.

Do not forget to visit the Palau Nacional, which houses the rarest collection of Romanesque works of arts. The national park, which has many fountains, is beautifully illuminated. They hold many music concerts here during summer. The most imposing Sculpture work Woman and Bird is located here.

Poble Espanyol village is located on the North West of Montjuic. This beautiful village is a tourist trap. This is because the village has many buildings in the traditional Spanish Architecture and these works are so beautiful, that it traps the tourist to extend his stay, so that he can see more of this place. If you want to know the recent history, you can visit the Anella Olímpica, also called as Olympic Ring. It was here that the main function of the 1992 Olympic was held.

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