Enjoy the serenity and seclusion on the Costa Brava- Llafranc is the right place for you

If you are looking for an exotic holiday amidst the beaches and sun, which gives you some great memories, then we would suggest you to go to Llafranc. The seclusion of this place will give you the much awaited privacy along with some great food and golden tan.

Llafranc, Calella de Palafrugell and Tamariu are three coastal towns which belong to the municipality of Palafrugell, province of Girona, Spain. It is part of the Costa Brava, which is located in the comarca of Baix Empordà. Costa Brava being the coastal region of northeastern Catalonia, serves as the perfect holiday destination for Europeans and travelers across the globe.

Many domestic tourists come from nearby Barcelona, other cities of Spain to flock this mesmerizing tourist spot during the summer vacations. Many international tourists come from the rest of the world. A survey has found that most of them are from the Netherlands, England, France, and the United States.

How to reach there

You can reach Barcelona airport which is well-connected to every big city in the world. And then you can travel to Girona which is just about 100 Kms away. From Girona, you can take the beautiful route to Costa Brava. You may also take a train from Girona and reach Costa Brava.

Girona Airport (GRO) too is another option if you want to reach Llafranc. However, it is a small airport and might not have flights from all the international cities across the globe. But local tourists can fly to Girona which will be much easier for them.

Why is this, a popular destination?

This resort town was frequented by film stars and artists, and hence it has become quite a celebrity spot. Prominent artist, painter and sculptor Salvador Dalí, visited this place throughout the 20th century and stayed in the Hotel Llafranc. Even American novelist, short story writer, and journalist Ernest Hemingway too was a regular visitor of this picturesque place and got his inspiration from this coastal town.

The writer of ”Blott on the Landscape” who was alive till June 6, 2013, Tom Sharpe too had made Llafranc his abode for a long time. He died in this small town just a few years back and the world lost a great satirical novelist at his death.

Things to do in Costa Brava and Llafranc

Costa Brava is a classy place which was frequented by many film stars and artists and hence till date, it has not become a crowded commercial tourist destination. The geography of this place has made it unique due to the little coves chipped out of a hilly coastline. Not too many hotels have opened their branches here, and hence the place will still give you the seclusion and serenity which you lack in your busy city life.

You can go for Scuba & Snorkeling, and Triton Diving at Llafranc is highly recommended by the visitors. Playas de Calella is a nice beach in Calella de Palafrugell, which is just 1 KM from Llafranc. One can have leisurely walks on the beach and the kids can make sand castles on the beach. There are multiple restaurants in this coastline which will keep your tummy happy all the time.


The high season in this place is the months of July and August. This place is large enough to keep your family amused for a week long holiday, and is small enough to give you the peace and quiet which you have been looking for.