Why Park Güell is a must-see site of Barcelona

We all associate Barcelona with football and recently since World Cup 2018 concluded, most of us will have the vivid memories of the players of FC Barcelona. Many of you would love to visit this city during this summer vacation, and we would suggest you to visit the alluring Park Güell. The city of Barcelona is always vivid with many exciting things to do and places to see. Located on Carmel Hill, in Barcelona, Spain, this public park of Park Güell will mesmerize you with its architectonic elements.

How to reach there

Barcelona airport or El Prat Airport is the second busiest airport in Spain after Madrid-Barajas Airport. In 2017 it handled about 45 million passengers and the number has been steadily increasing every year. The airport is well connected with all the European major cities and Air Europa, EasyJet, Iberia, Norwegian Airlines and Ryanair operate multiple flights to this busy airport.

It is well-connected to the rest of the world like North America (United States and Canada), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru), Middle East (Israel,

Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Qatar), Asia (India, China, Iran, Pakistan,

South Korea, Singapore,  and Hong Kong), and Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Gambia and Ethiopia).

Once you reach Barcelona, check in to your booked hotel, and plan your trip in the city. We would recommend that you save one entire day to explore the mysteries of Park Güell.

History of this famous park

Located on the picturesque Carmel Hill in La Salut, a neighborhood of Barcelona, this park has a history of its own.  Renowned architect Antoni Gaudí was appointed for the construction of the Park Güell way back in 1900. The Spanish entrepreneur Count Eusebi Güell wanted this park to be a unique place, and the original plan included this miniature city to be meant for the luxurious living for the wealthy and noble. The landscaped gardens would have added to the charm of this small city within the city of Barcelona.

Since the project was unsuccessful, it was dismissed in 1914. However, Gaudí had built about three kms of walkways along with the inside roads and the steps to decorate the place. He also had constructed a plaza and two gatehouses in this ambitious project. Finally the management decided to open this miniature city as a public park in 1926.


When you will enter this fascinating park, you will see two ‘Hansel and Gretel’ style gatehouses at the entrance. You can also witness the history and descriptions of the building materials, technology and methods of the famous architect Gaudi at the entrance of the park. Hence in 1984, UNESCO declared this place as a World Heritage Site.

Since the artefacts of famous artists are to be preserved, and Gaudi falls in that category of artists, this decision was taken by UNESCO. The park’s Centre d’Interpretaciò provides the details about this enchanting park.

You will be quite surprised to see a dragon shaped mosaic guarding the entrance of the park. There are 88 stone columns on the steps which lead to the Doric Temple. Till 1926, the creator himself stayed at this place and his home is converted into a museum now named as ”Casa-Museu Gaudí.” Also, the house is full of furniture which was created by Gaudi and the place is full of beautiful artefacts.


It is estimated that about four million visitors every year visit this park. So why don’t you pack your bags and camera and visit this enchanting city and this park which contains many memorabilia done by Gaudi?