Gran Via: Be Amazed

You have been waiting for this for a long time and you have finally done it! You have booked the flight, bought your vacation clothes and you are ready to embark on a new adventure! Destination – Spain, better yet, you have decided to check out Madrid, Spain. If you are wondering which places to visit, why not go for something different?

Almost everyone who goes on vacation anywhere in the world will choose the path most taken. Why not take the road less travelled and check out some of the lesser known areas? One place in particular that you can visit would be Gran via which is located in one of the busier spots in Madrid.

The great part is that Gran via is not a building but rather a collection of buildings. It is a section in Madrid that draws all sorts of people from all walks of life. Any type of person can find what they want or need in Gran Via.

Sure, there are places to shop, eat and even see movies but if you are like this writer, then you most likely enjoy taking in the beauty of architecture. It might sound boring but when you really look at a building, the lines of it, the feel; whether it is inspired by modern architecture or if it has been inspired by something out of the 15th century; this is when you can really appreciate just about any building in any country in the world. The same can be said if you like to sit in a particular spot and watch life as it happens all around you.

Gran Via was designed in the 19th century when the designers realized that something had to be done in order to pull the Plaza de Espana and Calle de Alcala together; they needed something that would tie it all together in one tidy, multicultural and awe-inspiring package. They succeeded in doing so when they created Gran Via.

In order to make this dream a reality the powers that be had to destroy quite a few older buildings but the citizens will tell you that it was for the better and the area’s economy has been better ever since. Gran Via means great road which is a fitting name when you consider what the area is like.

It took a very long time to finally get the approval to make this addition but it finally happened in 1904 and by the time the last section of this amazing road was finished, it was 1929. Suffice it to say, it really does pay homage to the name “great road”. As you can imagine, the construction of this multicultural piece of history made work for quite a few architects who were anxious to make their name in architectural history.


Photo Credit: Pixabay