This is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, lying at the foot of Sierra Nevada. The city lies at the meeting point of the three rivers Genil, Darro and Beiro and is well known for its rich cultural heritage. The city had been ruled by both Muslims and Christians for centuries and therefore provides a rich cultural mix.

It is marked by important world heritage sites like the Albaicín. Cultural festivals and exhibitions in various fields are held throughout the year. All these characteristics mark the city as a popular tourist destination.

Tourist attractions


It is a Moorish palace and is considered to be one of the most romantic places of Europe. The beauty of this place is brilliant and is marked by beautiful mosaic and tile work. It is one of the most attractive places of Granada and gives the taste of the mix between the Moorish and the Spanish style.


It has been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO and the history of the place dates back to the medieval times. It is one of the oldest cities and consists of one of the largest Moorish neighborhoods.

La Cartuja Monastery

The monastery was built in 1515 and consists of a sacrarium, a church and sacristy. The place has a mix of work by various artists from history. The insides are jeweled and attract a large number of tourists.

Granada Cathedral

It is an 18th century Renaissance church with beautiful architecture. The doors of the church are particularly beautiful. There are three doors named El Perdón, San Jerónimo and Ecce Homo. The dome is beautifully sculptured and the paintings on it give a rare look.

Moorish Baths

It is a bath house that was built in the 11th century. The bath house gives a glimpse of the Moorish culture and past. The bath consists of the ‘Al-bayt al-barid’ or the cool room, the ‘Al-bayt al-wastani’ or the steam room and a pool. Outside the bath, ruins of a broken arch of a bridge can also be seen.

Lorca’s Birthplace

The birthplace of Federico Garcia Lorca who was a great poet of Spain is located in Fuente Vaqueros. The place has now been converted into a museum and a visit to this place takes us into the world of Lorca and his creations.

Catedral and Capilla Real

Other than the large number of Moorish structures, this beautiful church stands in the city of Granada. The church was built in Gothic style and contains the tomb of Isabel (Queen of Leon and Castile) and her husband Fernando.

Photo Credit: Pixabay