Grand Parks in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is among the most popular places in Spain for many reasons. The city has a lot to offer the visitors including museums, monuments and other historical places. This article is about another different aspect of the city which will highlight some natural attractions for the visitors.

There are a number of parks in the city which not only help to keep the environment of the city beautiful but also have a lot of attractions for the visitors. This article is about the most beautiful and great park in Madrid.

Parque Juan Carlos 1:

This park is the most beautiful and popular park in the city of Madrid. This park has a variety of attractions for the visitors.

Golf ground:

One big reason behind the popularity of the park is the big golf ground. This golf ground has a total area of sixty hectares which is a huge area for any golf ground. The Golf ground is not the only reason behind the fame of the park.

There is a lot of plantation and greenery which gives this park a beautiful look and environment for the visitors. The trees in the park are placed in a very well planned manner. There are symmetrical rows of the trees in the park which give a great look to the park.

Under-Ground Lake:

This park is also known as the Theme Park. The park is situated on the ground which has an underground flow of water and this water helps to grow and feed the plants and trees. The park has one artificially created lake as well which is built to ensure the proper and regular supply of water to the plants.

Garden of Three Cultures:

The most important thing about this park is the area which is built to show the three different cultures of the three different religions including Jewish, Muslim and Christian. The Christian culture part of this park is known as Eden Garden and this garden has two trees planted; one is known as tree of life and the other is tree of knowledge.

The Muslim Culture part of the garden is called Arab Garden and this part has a mosque which depicts the Muslim culture and the last part of the park has many Jewish monuments which show the Jewish culture.

There are number of olive plants and trees in this grand park along with thousands of other plant and tree varieties. The nightlife of the park also has a big attraction for the visitors in the form of music and fountain show through multimedia. The park also has enough places for cycling, jogging and walking around in the park.

Photo Credit: Pixabay