Hiring A Car To Sight See Spain

It is easy to sight see Spain with a hired car but there are some pointers that you should take note of when you plan to do so.  Firstly, you must confirm what is included in your car rental and what is not; mileage, local taxes, insurances and petrol are some issues which tourists need to be aware of when hiring a car. These will add up to the cost of hire.

Other components to be considered in a car hire in Spain include third party insurance, airport taxes, breakdown coverage, local surcharges, collision damage waiver, and unlimited mileage. These are important considerations when hiring a car in Spain.

Air-conditioning in a hired car

This aspect is normally taken for granted in warm countries but some hired cars in Spain do not cover air conditioning; and the summer can go as high as 40C. You would not want to be in your car then.

Booking your car ahead

Do not presume that there will be plenty of cars for hire upon your arrival to the destination. Car hire counters are usually chaotic and very busy to serve you well. With a prior reservation, you will be assured of a waiting car. Pay for comfort There are many models in Spain but they may differ from Northern Europe models. Some car boot may be too small to fit your luggage. Others may be tight in space which makes traveling over long journeys uncomfortable.

Child seats

If you are traveling with a young child, you can hire child seats cheaply. Alternatively, you can bring your own to avoid any hassle or unavailability.

Double check your bookings

Ensure that all the bookings are exactly as you have pre-arranged, as sometimes miscommunication may happen. Double check all details before you sign on any paperwork.  You should always keep a copy of the hire documents for your reference.

Check the hire car before use

It is important to ensure that you will not be blamed for any dent or scratch on the car you are hiring; hence, it is advisable to check the inside and outside thoroughly before driving away. Petrol or Diesel A diesel car is much cheaper.

Excess clause in insurance

Check out the excess clause in the insurance policy offered to you which refers to the amount payable by you while the rest is covered by the rental agency. Some excess can be quite high; however, you may want to pay a bit more to avoid further liability. Driving in a foreign land requires careful planning and understanding of the local traditions, rules and conditions.