How To Find “Me” Time Again

Experience the fun of being alone again.

There are a few things in your life that slip away before you realise it. Remember when you used to hate taking naps? How much would you give to have a nap right now? You lost your ability to take a nap, and I’ll bet you miss it now.

How about your me time? When you were younger and you didn’t have much to do during the day, you had plenty of time to yourself. You got to try new things, draw, sculpt, think, create, read and imagine. Do you do that now? Have you the time to find some new endeavour and try it out? Can you remember the last time you found yourself with hours to spare and no commitments to fill them?

Maybe it’s time to rediscover that feeling. Maybe it’s time to find that “me” time that you haven’t experienced in years. It’s a time to find new loves, rediscover old ones and find out what you truly love to do.

How do you find this time? Where can you go to figure out the things you once loved? Try taking a holiday to escape from it all. Try losing yourself for hours down alleys and streets. Try waking up in the morning in your own private villa to find that you have literally no plans all day. Try occupying your time when you have nothing but time on your hands.

What’s better than rediscovering yourself on holiday?

That’s what a holiday can do. It brings you away from your old life, away from your commitments, away from the plans and people that take up so much of your time. Take some time away from all that, and escape. A holiday allows you space to breathe and grow and do what you want.

And what will you find out about yourself when you’re on holiday? Maybe you’ll find a new idea for a business you could start. Maybe you’ll take a new class that teaches you a new skill. Maybe you’ll try new foods and drinks, tastes that you never had the chance to try because you were always stuck in your routine. Find new friends in faraway places that open your eyes to new experiences that you never had the time to try before.

In fact, make your holiday a point to free up time to figure out what you love to do. Make few plans, and block off a lot of time. Your freedom to discover new things only happens when you make the time to do it. Figure out some of the big things you want to try, and make time for those. Allow hours every day to spend by yourself with your thoughts.

Leave your gadgets at home, or at least in your accommodation. You’ll find that you will be much freer to have your “me” time once you’ve removed all points of contact with the outside world. Step away from the emails and texts and social notifications that distract you from yourself. Learn to be wireless for a couple of days as you relearn what it means to do nothing. You’ll be amazed that you actually lost that feeling once you find it again.

Giving yourself a chance to think

Steer clear of crowds. If you can, find places that are away from the tourist hotspots. Stick to the places that are quiet, untouched and solitary. You’ll find that your “me” time is better when you actually just have yourself to keep you company. You will tend to find distractions in the people around you. Think back to when you were a child and your alone time was truly alone. You got to stay in your room, close the door and be removed from all distracting siblings and friends.

You need your alone time. You might have forgotten what it’s like to have that solitude and peace, because our lives rarely allow it. But, if you get a chance to take a holiday by yourself, you can find new ways to be alone with yourself, invigorating that creativity and discovery phase that you lost so many years ago.