Rediscover Your Creativity in Malaga

Capture that creativity with some well-needed inspiration

Working in the creative industry can be a challenge. Every day, you try to come up with original ideas, invent something new that never existed before, and come out from your efforts with a new and (hopefully) inspired piece of work.

But if your life is in a rut, if you haven’t changed your routine in a while, you’ll find that creativity can get a bit stale. When you expose yourself to the same content every day, namely the same city, the same culture, the same people and sights, your ability to invent something new becomes tired and old.

You need to reinvent your creative self. Looking to get inspired? Good. The word “inspired” literally means to have new breath inside you. Get a new breath of the interesting, the exotic and the exciting by spending time in Malaga.

Malaga, one of the hottest destinations on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is much more than a spot for relaxing on the beach and soaking up the Spanish sun. It’s a chance to get new ideas and be inspired with new life.

Remember the Ancients

The ancient site of the Alcazaba

One of the easiest ways to get inspired is to experience the past. When you get to reminisce about life in the old days, you can be filled with a new life. And Malaga is one of the perfect places to remember the olden days. It’s filled with history and years of culture, architecture and life.

Of course, the first place you’ll notice is the centuries-old Alcazaba, whose walls you see from nearly everywhere. This old fortress stands as a reminder of a time when eighth-century Moors inhabited the land. You can walk the literal hallways of history and catch a whiff of that old power that once lived here.

And just beneath the walls of the Alcazaba, you’ll discover an even older relic. The Roman theatre isn’t centuries old, it’s millennia old. Over 2,000 years of history have passed since these seats were used by the Romans to watch entertainment and orators. Sit still in these seats to remind yourself of the great art and speech that was performed here.

Be Inspired by the Artistry

Experience the majesty of the Malaga Cathedral

Spain is synonymous with art. The great artists made their mark all over the country, and Malaga is no exception. Pablo Picasso was born right here, a fact you’ll hear more than once on your journey. You can visit the birthplace of this risk-taking artist and be inspired by those who still dream bigger.

And what better way to cap off your experience of the artistry of Malaga than to visit Malaga Cathedral? You almost owe it to yourself to see it inside and out, considering it took several lifetimes to build. Over 150 years passed before it was erected, and it still stands as a masterpiece of artistic endeavour. Powerful pieces can take time, but they can also stand the test of time.

Experience the Unique

You can almost smell it

Malaga is unique in its own way, and you can’t escape that fact. Escape the same old routine, and participate in something unique to revive your passion to create once again. The Atarazanas Market is the lifeblood of Malaga, and you’ll experience every walk of life and caste of people in this place. Just a few minutes’ people-watching will ignite new ideas in that tired brain of yours.

But, if you want something completely different, try the Automobile Museum, a testament to Spain’s love of cars. This museum boasts over 100 collectible and unique cars. But it also holds fashion items, art pieces and cultural activities for you to experience. You can’t pass up on the number one recommended experience for visitors to Malaga.

Embrace the Culture

Semana Santa is held in real reverence by the people of Malaga.

And what visit would be complete without embracing the culture that keeps Malaga so vibrant? Try staying somewhere local, and hire a private villa. Live in your own place among the people here to really get a taste of the culture in person.

Over 500 years of tradition still stand as you take part in the Feria de Agosto. It’s a merriment that takes place all over the city, and it’s perfect for you to see the culture of Malaga come alive before your eyes. Beautiful fashion, vibrant music and an atmosphere of celebration are everywhere during this time.

And, speaking of atmosphere, you just have to experience the Semana Santa or Holy Week before Easter. Malaga’s rich traditional celebration of the Passion Week is very prominent here. There are floats and processions that you have to see to believe. The sheer manpower it takes to organise this week is staggering, and Spain’s love of this holiday is clearly evident in Malaga.


Malaga is just the place you need to invigorate your senses again. Come and experience Malaga, and awaken that same creative passion that you once had. Be filled with new ideas and new life as you settle in Spain’s cultural capital on the Costa del Sol.