Why a Villa Is Better Than a Hotel for Your Wedding Party

There’s no denying that hotels can be wonderful locations for guests and events, but at the same time they’re certainly no alternative to your own private villa either!  When it comes to your wedding party, you have a group of people helping you celebrate one of the most momentous occasions of your life. So shouldn’t their pre- and post-wedding destination be just as spectacular as all the other arrangements you carefully made?

If you’re looking for the best, then you most definitely need to choose a villa. Here’s why a villa is way better than a hotel for your wedding party!

There’s No Space like Home

Unless, of course, it’s a villa!

Villas are spacious, especially when compared with a hotel room. Some upper scale hotels will be able to offer larger areas, sometimes including multiple bedrooms and kitchens, but this space is still meager when you think about the size of a villa. A villa is a home, so you’ll have your choice of number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms… you name it! Whatever you need, there’s a villa for your wedding party!

And while they’re enjoying all the open, not crowded or stuffy space (unless they feel like sharing some common areas while they socialize), they can kick back and relax with all of the same comforts they’d experience in their own home. Villas come equipped with toiletries, washers and dryers and other necessities, which make it infinitely easier to make them feel at home.

Freedom to Do… Anything!

Speaking of home, when was the last time you had a curfew? If you’re in a hotel room, you have to follow their rules, which include quiet time after dark. If your wedding party is ready to… well, party, then you absolutely want to skip the hotel and book a villa! One of the best things about villas is the privacy they offer for guests, even for large groups of them!

Unlike at a hotel, they won’t be sharing space with complete strangers. Nobody needs to worry about curious eyes watching them as they take a dip in the pool or bumping into someone they don’t know while waiting in a line to get breakfast. At a villa, it’s the perfect location for an intimate and private setting that can keep everyone relaxed while still having a great time!

Winding Down is Up to the Party, Not Other Guests!

When they’re having a good time, it’s a shame to cut the party short! To let your wedding party decide when it’s time to call it a night, go with a villa. If they stay in a hotel not only will they be under time constraints, but noise constraints as well. While they’ll still need to be respectful in a villa, they won’t be wall-to-wall with strangers that can call up the front desk and complain about their voices being too loud. In a villa, they have plenty of space both inside and outside to take the conversation, or music and dancing, without worrying about disturbing sleeping neighbors!  And the opposite is true, too! If your wedding party decides it’s time to turn out the lights, there won’t be anything to keep them up longer than they want to be.

It’s an Experience, Not Just an Event!

When it comes down to it, you want every aspect of your wedding to be memorable, for everyone involved. It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and for anyone there to celebrate with you, it’s an important part of theirs, too. When you book a private villa, you’re doing more than just choosing a place to stay and celebrate; you’re choosing to create a memory!