Experience the World of Rapture in Balearic Islands

Travel to the Balearic Islands will bring you into a world of rapture. Surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, this paradise includes a group of four breathtaking islands including Cabrera, Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza. The climate of the islands is also an attraction that caters to both warmth and health with sunlight all round the year.

Apart from 24 hours parties that keep happening on the island, the visitors also gets to experience and see the Gothic cathedrals, never-ending orchards that are laden with oranges and olives, fishing villages and ruins of Stone Age. The fact that one can enjoy the sun on the magnificent white sandy beaches along with the rich culture and hospitality that people offer makes this island one of the most favorite destination for holidays.

Ibiza is known for the cobalt blue water, breathtaking sceneries and shimmering beaches that it has. It is the perfect place for a night bird, especially those who like to hop from one nightclub to another. Menorca is also the perfect place would like to experience its retained and outstanding natural beauty.


While you are in Balearic Islands for holidays, you must not miss Formentera Island, yet another island situated next to Ibiza. Majorca is known for its warm water and golden sandy beaches, perfect for those who want to enjoy island to its fullest. If you want to maximize your adventure, you can hire a holiday villa which will gratify to all your needs.

A lot many stunning and self catering villas available in for stay while you holiday in Balearic Islands. These villas situated in various locations and one get to choose a villa based on personal preferences. Holiday villas in Balearic Islands are also the perfect way to add the luxury factor in your experience.

Sand and sea are not the only attractions in Billerica Islands. Arc de Sant Roc, Can Marques mansion, Castell de Bellver, Coves d’Arta are some of the popular places on the island. Fine beaches, wild night life, unending sunshine and delicious food are the epitome of the vivacious life style that people of Balearic Islands have.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock