In Spain there is almost an endless list of places to visit for tourists

A tourist who wants to see all the places of interest in Spain is advised to stay in this country for a couple of years. It is a fact; there are numerous places of interest for a visitor. On the top of it, the country has a rich culture of its own.

The city of Leon:

This great city is proud to have some of the oldest churches with exemplary art work and paintings of Roman era. Church of San Isidoro is one of such churches. The stained glass decorating this great place of worship is believed to belong to the 13th century. This church which is in Gothic architecture is a most imposing building worth visiting.  There are two tombs in this church which are believed to be of kings belonging to medieval periods.

Other places of interest in the city of Leon include Benavente and Astorga. These beautiful places have beautiful parks, museums and statues with imposing modern buildings and the breathtaking natural beauty is not to be missed. If one visits the Zamora province near Leon, he should never forget to visit the place where Moors and Christians are believed to have fought a fierce battle. Zamora also has a Cathedral belonging to the 12th century. There is an artificial lake built in 1931. The imposing university campus and marvelous modern buildings are the other assets of Zamora.

Cantabria Spain


Those who have fascination for mountain climbing, trekking or expeditions in mountainous regions are advised to visit Cantabria. On the foot of the mountain is the vast sea where water sports are available. The nail biting natural beauty is a feast for the eyes. There is also a resort on the top of the hill. The cathedral in this city was burnt in the year 1941 and it has now been restored to its original beauty. Even here there is a museum which has the proud possession of art works believed to belong to 17th and 18th century.

Down the hill, there are many beach resorts and villas which offer a luxurious stay for the tourists. There are two most beautiful harbors Castro Urdiales and Laredo which should never be missed. Another important place of visit in Cantabria is the Altamira Cave which has painting works believed to have been carried out about 13000 years back. Entry to this Cave is only through advance booking. Santillana del Mar, the town near Cantabria is popular for its most imposing and historic buildings.

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