Javea Tourism

Javea is a town located mid way to Valencia from Alcante to the north of Costa Blanca. This resort seems like a dwarf in front of the mountain of Montgo and is believed that it was once an elephant, which turned into a firm rock. Tourists flock the area throughout the peak season, however this town has annulled the building of tall constructions although many towns and cities like Benidorm of Costa Blanca have high-rise buildings.

Dispersed across rather a huge area there are three principle areas in Javea. Those areas are Javea Pueblo, Javea Puerto and the playa de Arenal.
The old town of Javeo Pueblo is the most captivating area, which has narrow roads with superb white buildings. In San Bartolome, there is an old thirteenth century Gothic church, which makes a fine sight. Moreover, it is great to watch the local market place with local fresh fruits, vegetables and local fish. In addition, delicious tapas are served in the accustomed way in Spanish bars of this town.

Javea Puerto is a busy harbor accompanied by the lavish cruisers where local travelers are tied up alongside in Javea Marina. There is an area next to a quay, which is lined up by the fine restaurants and bars and the scenery all around the bay is strikingly impressive while boat tours are available during summer around the Cabo de San Antonio. The Javea Beaches, which measure 1000 ft. extended along nice white sand are flocked with tourists.

The beach is maintained well and contains many facilities and equipments for children to play while here. Varieties of small cafes, nice restaurants and bars are behind the beach. Some of them are quite expensive, but the cheaper ones are famous among local people. Playa de Arenal is full of energy packed with young tourists in summer evenings. Mediterranean water is popular for sub aqua diving and a few have established businesses offering expeditions and driving lessons. There are a few fine hiking trails.

Several Javea festivals are famous like Moors and Christians fiestas marked with colorful motions. Another festival, Fogueres de San Joan is marked by burning down large paper shaped paper Mache and during September a celebration is marked by tricking furious bulls inside the med.
The bus service is available to Alicante from Javea, Denia and Valencia. In addition, reliable local buses provide service in between places too. Please visit Javea for more travel tips and info.