La Gomera- The unsung Canary Island

La Gomera is a beautiful island in Spain’s Canary Island chain. It is the second smallest island. The island is surrounded by craggy volcanic mountains and crisscrossed with hiking trails. The island is also known as the island of Columbus because he visited the island in 1942 when he was looking for food to continue his adventure. Garajonay peal that is located at 1487 meters above the sea level is the highest spot on the island.

If you want to enjoy beach holidays with your children, the island is the best place. It is the place where you can enjoy peaceful vacations away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. You can enjoy a full range of beach activities, take a walk in picturesque places, and see unique attractions. The most famous attractions of the island are:

GaraJonay National Park

It is an ideal place to enjoy with your children. It is one of the main natural attractions of the island. You can enroll to overview half an hour tour of the park and admire its natural beauty. There are convenient paths and pedestrian bridges to walk comfortably and enjoy with your children.

Forest of Bosque del Cedro

It is a natural attraction. The natural landscapes of the forest remind of the illustrations from fairy tales. There are many large trees in the forest. The branches of the trees intertwine closely and form a beautiful composition. In some places, the large trees form living tunnels. You can also see beautiful mountain streams and visit the rock garden in the forest. There are well-equipped picnic spots and sports grounds in the forest.


There are a number of beaches on the island but the most attractive beach for spending time with your family is the volcanic beach Playa del Ingles. The beach is covered with black volcanic sand and warms up perfectly.  You can also relax here with your children. The water is crystal clear and has a wonderful azure hue.

Tropical Fruit Garden

It is really good to walk through the picturesque Tropical Fruit Garden. The garden is located in the Valle Gran Rey. The fruits that grow in the garden include mangoes, bananas, and pineapples. Interesting shows are held in the garden for visitors. In the shows, visitors are told about fruits and they can pluck some of the fruits straight from the branches and enjoy the taste of fresh fruits.


There are a number of excellent museums on the island. You can visit the Museo Arqueologico de La Gomera with your children. It is an archaeological museum and has a collection of beautiful exhibits that were discovered during the exploration of the island. Children enjoy at the excursions during which they can see the unique ancient fossils and tools of the everyday life of people who lived on the island thousands of years ago.

La Gomera is a wonderful vacation destination and spends a memorable time with your family. You can plan your vacations on this unique and beautiful island at any time of the year.