La Palma- Exploring the beautiful island

La Palma is a spectacular island of all the Canary Islands. You can enjoy the wild black sand beaches, jagged peaked volcanoes which still have wisps of smoke, lines of pine forest, and a number of pretty pastel villages. The place is very friendly and you will love the beauty of the place. The climate is warm and sunny throughout the year.  If you plan to visit the beautiful island to explore, there are a number of interesting things to do and see on the island.


The island is known for the clearest skies in Europe. The skies in La Palma are protected within a ‘straight reserve’ and known internationally for low levels of pollution. You can see a number of constellations and visit some wonderful observatories to view the sky above. The two observatories are set up by the IAC (Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics) to study the night sky.  You can witness the surface of the moon, the rings of Saturn, and Jupiter’s moon.

Roque de Ios Muchachos

Roque de Ios Muchachos is the island’s highest peak. When you drive up the peak, you will go through the pine trees and orange groves on a high road. You can enjoy spectacular views from the top. There is a collection of 13 huge telescopes. You can visit the observatory throughout the year on a request.

Spot dolphins and whales

The Atlantic Ocean surrounding La Palma Island is a home to different types of marine life including dolphins and whales. You can take a boat or catamaran tour that operates across the island. The tours are guided by experienced and knowledgeable guides. You will love watching dolphins jump joyfully alongside your boat and witness the beautiful sight of whales coming up for air.

Explore Santa Cruz de La Palma

Sant Cruz de La Palma is the capital city of La Palma. It is a colorful and beautiful city. It is one of the best places to visit. You will love the 15th century buildings and flower-filled balconies. You can explore the city and have a lot of fun.

Hiking and Walking

La Palma is a wonderful destination for walkers. There are over one thousand kilometers of trails that lead through deep canyons and ravines, volcanic calderas and deep into laurel forests.  There are tracks to enjoy walking. Some of the best places for walking are:

Los Tilos Forest: It is one of the best Laurel forests in the world. The walking trails wind through misty glades to glittering cascades and enjoy a wide variety of fauna and flora along the way.

Caldera de Taburiente

It is a volcanic caldera formed millions of years ago. It is one of the most favorite places for hikers. It is a large national park and is filled with streams, waterfalls, and rugged peaks. You can hike through dense forests, into deep valleys and walk alongside the ridge of a volcanic crater.

Cumbre Vieja National Park

The park is situated in the heart of La Palma and it is home to an extreme landscape contrasts from green forests to barren volcanic crags. The main site of the park is the volcano route which is the most popular hike in La Palma.