Living Like A Spaniard

To truly understand a culture or lifestyle, it is best that a foreigner should live in that country for some time. It is no different with Spain. The country is so colorful that anywhere in Spain would be a great choice to get a feel of life like a Spaniard.  It is not hard to live like the Spanish people as they are really friendly although you might be frustrated with the bureaucracy. However, the health care is excellent if compared to America or England.

The locals in Valencia Community enjoy free health care while private health care is less costly than anywhere else.

Making a Home in Spain

Residency is an established right for any EU citizen while others require only an affordable amount to live comfortably here. Usually a pension or some substantial savings will permit foreigners to stay as long as he has no criminal record. Any foreigner can purchase a house here which uses a local abogado or lawyer who confirms the property as fully legal and free of debts or any other attached embargoes.

Weather in Spain

The attractive weather becomes the primary reason for migration and residency in Spain. Holiday homes are a frequent feature here as this blessed nation enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year; its average temperature is only about 20º C every year. You can bask in your own garden anytime of the day, even till late evening.

Lifestyle in Spain

Most parts of Spain are very cosmopolitan with the influx of foreigners over the recent years. All Spaniards love a good and easy life where they can be stress free and laid back whenever they can. Spain is not really for the young and energetic with young families to settle down.

The education system leaves much to be desired and Spanish is definitely not so easy for most to pick up. The local children also seem to misunderstand the foreign children who require more help with the language from the school staff; hence, school bullies prevail which leaves foreigners with little choice but to send their children to private schools.

Work Opportunities in Spain

To work comfortably in Spain, your Spanish must be on par with the locals. An added advantage would be to be fluent in German as well. This will give you a chance at an office position or some professional posting. The local social security system differs from Britain or elsewhere which requires employers to offer monthly contracts for 3 consecutive months before an annual contract is given.

The employer is obliged to pay the employee social security payment if he is dismissed. Hence, employers are not keen to consider permanent employment for foreigners. If you are not fussy, you can consider working in the bars, construction or other menial work. All in all, Spain is great for retirement or holiday but not for work opportunities.