Lloret De Mar Photos: Tips for Stunning Locations

Lloret Del Mar

Whether you are professionally inclined or just an amateur Instagrammer, you must make a stop to Lloret de Mar to complete your portfolio. It’s practically impossible to miss the perfect composition of scenery, people, and history of this incredible area. While it’s an amazing spot to spend a few hours, you can always dig a little deeper and find a new hidden alley, some beautiful architecture, or some friendly locals willing to pose for a portrait session. If we still lived in the era of film, I’d tell you to bring all your rolls.

Check your lighting, set your f-stop, and come discover Lloret De Mar through a new lens.

Beautiful Beaches

Fenals Beach

From Fenals Beach to Cala Banys to the stunning main Lloret beach, you’ll find hidden sand and seascapes all over. One beach too crowded? No problem. Walk 200 m and you’ll find another beach just around the corner. Find a great private villa for you to park yourself during the day, and go and explore the area.

It’s an incredible location that has a great connection to the surrounding area, bringing in the visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking for a great photo, you can get early morning starts to avoid the crowds. Otherwise, get some incredible shots of the beachgoers and tourists from all over the world.

Fenals Beach is our best bet for great beach shots. The water is inviting and calm in the mornings, the sand is unspoiled and an incredible shade of white and the people are always pretty sparse. It’s a much more natural feel with raw plant life surrounding the beach, compared to the more urban Lloret beachfront.

Platja de Canyelles is just a little distance from the town centre, but worth the trip. The natural gradient from sand to sea gives way to rocks and natural borders on either side of the beach. You can get great shots of the surrounding scenery as well. If you don’t mind the hike, head up the neighbouring cliffs to get a bird’s eye view of the entire beach area, a unique shot that will stand out in your portfolio.

Picturesque Parks

Santa Clotilde Gardens. The perfect backdrop for all your photos

In this context, we use the word “picturesque” literally. The parks around the town of Lloret de Mar could come directly from the glossy centrefold of a magazine. You can spend hours wandering around the parks, getting perfect shot after perfect shot. The colours, the foliage, the plant life is all there to form a canvas for you to choose from.

Santa Clotilde Gardens should be your first stop. Enter the park and you’ll be overwhelmed by the flowers and leaves that border it. The cliff-top garden is perfect for a dramatic backdrop. You’ll probably see one or two wedding sessions here. If you have a subject you want to shoot, make this your first point of call. Find a shot or two of the Mediterranean from your high vantage point.

Just down the road, you’ll find the town of Blanes, and the Botanical Gardens of Marimutra. Again, set high overlooking the sea, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this stunning scenery. The keepers of this garden have designed it so that there’s always something blooming year round. Bear that in mind so that you don’t have to worry about timing your trip. It will always be perfect.

Artistic Architecture

The “castle” on the beach

The town of Lloret de Mar is an old town. There are relics of the past scattered throughout the region and centred around the town’s immediate surroundings. You’ll find a mixture of Roman, Iberian, and traditional Spanish flair in the buildings you find. You’ll discover that Lloret de Mar has a story to tell you, and your camera is the medium to tell that story.

You can find some incredible architecture throughout the region. You’ll get some colourful shots of the Parish Church of Sant Roma, a classic of the town. This structure dates back to the 15th century and is an example of the Catalan gothic designs that were popular during that time. The updates to the building have kept it beautiful, but as you enter, you’ll still discover evidence of the old ways of building these unique places.

One of the most striking images that you can capture is the Castell d’en Plaja, a castle that directly oversees the beach. If you thought that this was a relic that dates back centuries than the architect has you fooled. The owner of this mansion designed it with medieval inspiration, but it only dates back to earlier in this century. Still, it makes for some cool pics.

For a completely different take on architecture, shoot some photographs in the Modernist Cemetery. ‘Modern’ is a relative term because this cemetery was opened back in 1901 and is an example of the taste of the Catalans of that time. Mausoleums, shrines, and monuments mark the style very well and are a stark contrast to the 14-15th-century buildings that surround it.

Capturing Crowds

If your style of photography leans more towards dynamic people shots, then you’ve come to right spot. If you can grab a picture of them, you’ll find people from all over the world in one location, a smorgasbord of people that come from every culture to live it up in Lloret de Mar.

Start your journey by photographing people in the town at night. The nightlife of Lloret de Mar starts when the sun goes down and continues well into the night. If you like the sun, stay on the beaches. The main beach of Lloret de Mar is the place to be seen, so you’ll find plenty of photogenic people on parade in the water and on the sand.

Nature Walks

One popular activity in the area is hiking. You’ll find trails and tours that take you around the area, seaside walks, walks from one town to another (don’t worry, it’s not that far), or nature trails further inland to see the scenery there. Just because you’ve always used a tripod shouldn’t stop you from taking one of these walks.

They give you the chance to cover a lot of ground in little time, photographing subjects and sights along the way. One such trail is the Montbarbat trail, a 5-hour walk to an old Iberian settlement that still has relics and ruins to this day. The trails may also wind along the coast like a popular walking trail that takes you to Tossa del Mar, a popular town under 3 hours away. We think that these walks are shunned by photographers because they want to set up their cameras, investigate the area, and time their compositions. But there’s something to be said for taking a walk with your camera. You’ll stumble across spontaneous shots that you can’t plan for, and you’ll love finding those unique moments that only existed for a brief spell, like that shot of the light hitting the water, or that bird that happened to be sitting on the branch near the trail. These shots are unplanned and often turn out to be the best shots that you keep.


If you are a shutterbug, you need to find a map of Spain and put a pin in Lloret De Mar. You’ll find it easily enough in the Costa Brava, but you won’t soon forget it. The pictures that you’ll take here are unlike anything else in the world, and they will remain with you for a long time after you leave. Come discover why Lloret de Mar is a photographer’s dream.