What To Do On The Costa Maresme? Our Tips!

Costa Maresme

Do you want to experience life like a true Barcelonan? Do you want to visit the beaches that the actual Spaniards visit, not just the tourists? If you want to go where the locals go, you must visit the Costa del Maresme, a stretch of coast north of Barcelona that extends all the way to Blanes.

The Costa del Maresme is an exquisite area that’s packed with activities and fun for the whole family. The best part is that you can stay locally in your own private villa while you explore everything that the region has to offer. Most travellers are looking for something unique to experience, something off the beaten path, something out of the way and less crowded. The Costa del Maresme is the perfect location for all that you desire to do and more.

Top Towns in Costa del Maresme

One of the first things you’ll discover along the coast is a bevy of towns that are quiet, untouched, and unspoiled by tourism. The people are friendly. The food is authentic. There is plenty to do and see in the towns. We recommend going from town to town as each place has its own story to tell and its own way to tell it.


Lovely and historic Calella

This is the town that doesn’t stop. Calella is a hub for the local visitors who want to have some fun. The beaches are always beautiful, the sun always shining, and the beer is flowing. Did you know that Calella hosts a German Beer Festival every year? There are always plenty of German tourists that make their way to Calella specifically for the festival. Whether the beer follows the Germans or the Germans follow the beer is unclear, but nobody’s complaining.

The town also has enough to capture your attention for quite a few days. The beaches, restaurants and discos fill up in the summer from city dwellers who want a quick escape to the sand and sea. If you’re looking for fun, Calella has got you covered.

Lloret De Mar

Lloret de Mar

Further north along the coast, you’ll come to Lloret de Mar. This is becoming the next hot spot for Spanish people to get away. The main draw to the town is the beach. Lloret de Mar consistently wins the Blue Flag award for cleanliness of the main beach. It’s worth a visit to experience the smooth and pristine sand and stones that make up this seashore.

The history of Lloret de Mar is rich and storied with a number of civilisations still present within the architecture of the town. The Roman and Iberian ruins can still be found as you wander around the streets and trails. But that’s to be expected when a town has hundreds of years of history backing it up.

Malgrat de Mar

While Lloret de Mar has history, it has been steadily updating its look with modern buildings. To retain that ancient feel, visit the town of Malgrat de Mar. This town also has at least 6-700 years of history in it. Many of the buildings in the town retain the design of the civilisation that built it. There are plenty of historic sites to visit around the place, but the draw here is not just the man-made structures.

Malgrat de Mar has parks and reserves surrounding the area that are worth exploring. The raw, untouched land can be discovered in the many spaces set aside for tourists to visit. You can also enjoy the beaches that come with hidden coves and caves for you to find. Malgrat de Mar is small but has a lot to tell you.

Family Fun

Costa del Maresme is family-friendly. The area does have clubs and night spots, but it’s perfect for families to holiday in. Of course, you’ll find plenty of beaches to enjoy. Every day can be a new beach with clear, calm waters to swim in and extensive sunshine to bask in. But should you tire of the sea, there are other activities that your family will love.

Marine Land

The family fun of MarineLand

Although this is a water zoo that you can enjoy, Marine Land is also a water park that everybody will love. Come for the shows and stay for the slides. That’s what its like to visit Marine Land.

Just north of Barcelona, Marine Land has enough activities for you to spend quite a few hours of your day there. Enjoy the marine shows they offer throughout the day. Take the young ones on the waterslides and the pools. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, hop on the elastic bungee jump that’s only for hardcore adrenalin junkies.

Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia is another aquatic park that is complete with rides for the whole family. The kids can have fun in the splash park and the slides. The adults have more extreme options to choose from.

There are 3 massive pools that you can swim in. Escape the heat as you enjoy the cool waterways. There are also 22 different slides for you to ride. There’s usually no rush and no queue so you’ll feel like you can take your time and try them all.

Sightseeing the Scenery

Costa Maresme’s parks and nature reserves

What else will you do while you’re in the region? Costa del Maresme has plenty of outdoor activities. It makes sense because this area is blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm, coastal temperatures.

Spend an afternoon at a winery like the Allela Vinicola. You can wander the vineyards and sit down for a lovely lunch while you sample some of the bottles made right there. As you indulge, you’ll find out why Spain’s wines are in such high demand.

If you really want to see the area from a new vantage point, the whole region has walking trails and paths that wind up and down the coast. Climb the hills, pass by the waves, and skirt the towns on the many kilometres of trails that you can follow. It really is the best way to get some exercise as well as discover why they call this place the Rugged Coast. And if it ever gets too hot, simply stop for a dip in the sea. There are too many beaches to mention in just one article.


Costa del Maresme is a favourite of the Barcelona crowd. They love that it’s so close and so accessible. You’ll love that it’s so unknown and less crowded. Remember to take it slow, enjoy the sights, the smells, the tastes, and the sounds. You’ll fall in love with the Costa del Maresme.