Luxury villas in Lloret de Mar: The best remedy against stress

Sun, sand, sea and luxury – A holiday in Lloret leaves you stress-free!

Been feeling a bit stressed recently? Noticed your to-do list getting a little too long? Feel in need of a moment of ultimate relaxation and a healthy dose of Vitamin D?

Sun, sand, sea and luxury is definitely the best remedy against stress, so we think it’s high time for a dream holiday in a luxury villa in Lloret de Mar!

Recognise these symptoms?

Do you ask yourself more and more frequently whether you might be too stressed or perhaps even headed towards a burnout? Then ask yourself the following questions and try to answer them as honestly as possible:

Have I had problems concentrating recently? Is my head getting so overcrowded that I often can’t see the forest for the trees anymore? Have I been feeling peckish recently, so much so that no bar of chocolate or packet of crisps is off-limits? Is too much expected of me in my home situation or at work? Am I still the cheerful and patient person that I want to be for myself and my loved ones?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s clear that your stress levels are way too high – but don’t worry, we have the ultimate solution!

Time for a well-deserved holiday!

Let’s be honest, nothing works as well against stress as a luxury sun-soaked holiday in the stunning Lloret de Mar! Break away from routine, come up for air, top up on Vitamin D under the Spanish sun and enjoy quality time with your loved ones! Does that sound like music to your ears? Keep reading to discover why a luxury holiday villa in Lloret de Mar could be the best stress remedy for you too!

6 reasons why a luxury villa in Lloret is the best remedy for stress

1. The sun

The Costa Brava enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and short, mild winters. In short, Lloret de Mar provides the perfect weather conditions to combat stress.

In the summer (from June to September) you can top up on vitamin D without it being too warm. Stretch out on the beach for hours on end to enjoy a peaceful nap, or finally get round to reading that book you’ve been putting off.

Lloret continues to have nice weather into the autumn months, from October to November, as well as in the spring months from March to May where frequent mild sunshine can still be enjoyed by relaxing on the terrace of your villa or by the pool. Winters in Lloret are also mild but can be cold. However, there are still about 7 or 8 hours of sunshine per day, which also makes Lloret a great option for those looking to escape the long, cold British winter.

2. Sea and sandy beaches


If you can think of nothing more relaxing and stress-free than laying on the beach, you’re in the right place! Lloret de Mar, with no less than 9 km of coastline, has many different beaches on offer, from central city beaches with plenty of facilities nearby, to a more remote paradise with clear blue water and fine sand.

The Lloret beach is the largest and most central beach of Lloret de Mar, making it easy to reach. It also has many facilities such as parasol, sun loungers and hammock rentals, as well as places to eat. Alternatively, you also have the Fenals beach right next door. Fenals beach is the third largest but nevertheless has a much different character to Lloret: it is quieter and accompanied by natural areas in addition to its restaurants and facilities.

In need of a bit more peace or privacy? Head to the Santa Cristina beach which is ideal for escaping the city in high season, as well as for enjoying the natural surroundings of rocks and pine trees. For more peace and quiet still, head to the Sa Caleta bay, the ideal place for snorkelling. Sa Caleta is also located at the foot of a hill, which is topped by the impressive Castell d’en Plaja.

Come and relax on the beach of your choice! Avoid stress, relax like never before and also get a nice, healthy tan!

3. Privacy and space

During stressful periods, it is extremely difficult to relax if you are staying in a small hotel room with noisy neighbours, or if you’re sitting on a tiny balcony, being forced to listen to loud music from around the pool. Such settings are far from ideal as they will not help you and your loved ones achieve the complete relaxation that you really deserve.

It is always a treat to stay in a private holiday villa, but especially so during times of stress.  It lends you the extra privacy and space you need, without the disturbance of other holidaymakers. A villa provides enough space for the whole family or group of friends to really enjoy their holiday together without being confined to just one room. However, if you prefer some time to retreat and have some privacy at any point, this also becomes possible with a villa! Plus, the kids can safely stay occupied in one part of the house, whilst you take some time out to relax in the sun.

4. Manage your own time

Don’t get us wrong, a hotel can also be relaxing of course, as you will ‘have everything at your beck and call’ so to speak, however, we believe that being the master of your own holiday is really far better at providing real opportunities for relaxation.

In your private holiday villa, complete with swimming pool, you are not stuck with strict check-in times, eating times or tour schedules, you can really plan your holiday according to your own wants and needs. That means you can sleep in until the late afternoon and enjoy your late breakfast on the terrace away from prying eyes. You are also not confined to the opening times of the swimming pool – simply take a dip in your private pool whenever you want. In short, it is your holiday and you’re in control – that’s what true luxury is all about!

5. All the luxury you’ve ever dreamt of

Holiday homes in Lloret de Mar come in all shapes and sizes, so you can make your holiday as luxurious as you wish. Consider a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a private terrace, a view of the sea, a large kitchen or a spacious living room with several other amenities.

You just need to ask yourself what you need to completely relax. The best part is that whatever the answer, Lloret de Mar is certain to have a villa which can deliver! With so many luxurious properties on offer, you are sure to be able to really relax in your dream villa in Lloret de Mar.

6. Home comforts whilst on holiday

Luxury is of course all well and good, but wouldn’t you also like to feel at home whilst on holiday? By renting a private holiday home you can really recreate a ‘home away from home’. Villas are designed to offer you the space, cosiness and privacy of your own home. Walk around in your pyjamas all day, drink a glass of wine on the terrace or take a nap on the couch after a long day at the beach. It is your house during the holiday and by enjoy it your way you’ll notice the stress instantly fading away!

The denial phase

You can, of course, continue to work, ignore your stress, persuade yourself that you really don’t need a holiday, or even that you are really far too busy to go away. Accept, however, that you also deserve to relax and enjoy life and that a moment of calm in your own private swimming pool with a view of the sea is sure to be exactly what you need to do this. Prolonging the stress any longer is not fun for you and especially not for your loved ones either!

On holiday

Congratulations! You’ve overcome the denial phase and are convinced that Lloret de Mar truly is the ultimate holiday destination! This is a big step towards becoming stress-free. Now let’s arrange the final step of the stress-busting process: a luxury villa in Lloret de Mar.

Take a moment to daydream and imagine: you have escaped your busy hectic life, you’re soaking up the warm rays of sunshine in Lloret de Mar, laying on a beautiful paradise-like beach, enjoying peace and privacy and all the space you need. You have all the luxury you want, you’re completely in control and can enjoy all of this from the comfort of your new home away from home. The conclusion is clear – a luxury holiday villa in Lloret de Mar really is the best remedy for stress. So, what are you waiting for?

Book your holiday villa without the hassle

Would you also like the booking process to be as simple, easy and stress-free as the holiday itself?  Book your dream holiday in Lloret through real experts of Lloret de Mar and Spain. We know all our villas personally and can recommend properties which are perfect for both your budget and your requirements. Thanks to our extensive range of luxury villas in Lloret de Mar, you are sure to find the perfect villa to completely de-stress.


Have you seen your dream villa on the Club Villamar website and have questions? Or would you like to receive more information about the stress-free booking of your ideal holiday villa in Lloret? Get in touch! As real experts on Spain we are more than happy to help!