Torre Soli Nou

Torre Soli Nou, green area on a hillside

Torre Soli Nou is a peaceful seaside resort on the Balearic island of Menorca in Spain; along with Jan Jaime, it forms part of Son Bou. Torre Soli Nou is located about 12.5 miles (20 km) from the airport, which makes this holiday destination easy to access. The beach of Son Bou has many shops, restaurants and hotels. The districts of San Jaime and Torre Soli Nou are behind San Bou, on the side of a wooded hill. San Jaime is a residential area with beautiful villas and apartments, Torre Soli Nou is more of a green area.

This holiday destination has some accommodation for tourists and an attractive centre where you can have fun. Those who are looking for peace and those who love nature will be particularly attracted to spending their holidays in Torre Soli Nou. Torre Soli Nou has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters with a considerable number of sunny days.

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Torre Soli Nou with its view over the white sandy beach of Son Bou

From your holiday house on the side of the Torre Soli Nou hill, you can go down to Son Bou beach, a large cove between Punta Rodona and Cap de ses Penyes, 5 miles (8 km) from Alaior. Son Bou is 1.8 miles (3 km) long, making it the biggest beach on the island of Menorca. This beach slopes gently into the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it ideal for families with young children. Part of the beach is reserved for nudists. The blue, crystalline water contrasts with the white sand, which gets its colour from the millions of calcified sea creatures. These organisms have been finely ground, giving the sand an excellent quality, making it softer underfoot. In the middle of the beach there is a rocky area where you should be careful with the strong undercurrents.

Torre Soli Nou, a beach with tourist facilities for all the family

Torre Soli Nou beach has a blue flag and can be accessed by people with reduced mobility. Tourists will find all sorts of facilities to make life easier, including parasol and sunbed rental, telephones, showers and a lifeguard station. Rescue boats patrol during the day in order to guarantee your safety. You can also enjoy different water sports. And for those who are hungry or thirsty, they will find what they need in the pavilions, restaurants and bars at the beach. Torre Soli Nou beach can be accessed by car, and car parks are available. Dogs are not allowed on this beach.

Torre Soli Nou, a bird sanctuary and dunes with exceptional fauna and flora

Between Son Bou beach and the residential districts of San Jaime and Torre Soli Nou, there isa natural marshland reserve and a large dune area, which sheltersexceptional fauna and flora. Orchids and many species of birds have made it their natural habitat. When you go for a walk in this bird sanctuary, you will discover many species of migrating birds on their journey between Europe and Africa.

Torre Soli Nou: some curiosities

In Torre Soli Nou and Son Bou, there are someplaces of historical and archaeological interest which are worth a visit. To the left of Cap de ses Penyes you can see the ruins of an early Christian basilica in which the baptismal font is still visible. In Punta Rodona, you can see the ruins of a 19th century defence tower called Torre Esfondrada. Its name literally means collapsed tower. Only the foundations of the tower and the underground structure remain intact.

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