Navigate the Subway in Madrid

Navigating Madrid’s Sub-Way is quite similar to that of any major city. In case you’re not new to such subways, it can be an easy task but if you are a newbie, is better that you plan in advance so that you do not have to get in despair. Madrid is one city where it’s easy to get the hang of the place, planning in advance is thus a necessity.

Get a subway map from one of the information stands that are there in the city. You can also look for a guidebook in Madrid’s bookstores. Maps are also available in the stations but areas where there is high traffic, it would be difficult for you to plan the route. Begin by buying a ticket from the ticket machine that is available on the station.

A lot of ticket kiosks are also there at various places in Madrid. Trip to a single race in Madrid will cost you one euro and the same prices are valid for all roots in the system. If you’re staying inside Madrid, make sure you buy it least 10-right pass in one go. Buying these passes together will costs cheaper. You can get all these parses in not more than six euros and using these you can travel around and sightsee.

Follow the blue signs inside stations. These blue signs indicate various routes and lines. “Estationers” or the list of stations towards the left will show you the destinations and you can choose where to reach. Towards the right you can see “correspondencias” or connecting lines, in case you need to switch between lines in order to complete your route.

Make sure that while you are in the subway, you’re moving in the right direction. A lot of times, people get confused in Madrid by the opposite platforms but in reality they are for same line but different directions. Following the blue arrow signs are the best ways to find the right direction. You need to continuity until the direction signs ends.

When you have to exit, follow the “salida” signs. Make sure that you keep your tickets ready, especially if you have to exit the station. Do not ever followed the colored squares that have stations named written on them. The squares will cause you to connect with yet another line. Whenever you plan to reach a destination in Madrid through a subway, make sure that you plan the directions ahead of taking your journey.

Photo Credit: Pixabay