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The 10X-Holiday Factor of the Costa Blanca

1. The only inhabited island of the Costa Blanca: Tabarca

During summer the island Tabarca is very popular among many tourists on the Costa Blanca. Especially among divers and snorkelers you’ll find lots of enthusiasm. Previously it was inhabited by Greeks and Romans. Now the western part is only the inhabited part, which is the area of the locals.

How do you get on the only inhabited island of the Costa Blanca? From Alicante, Santa Pola, Torrevieja, Guardamar en Benidorm you can easily go by boat to discover Tabarca.

2. Peñon d’Ifach and 1 of the 7 miracles of the Comunidad Valencia

The solid rock of limestone ‘Peñon d’Ifach‘ (Valencian: Penyal d’Ifac) is the symbol of the village Calpe at the Costa Blanca. With over 300m Peñon d’Ifach rices above the Mediterranean Sea. It looks like an isolated rock formation, but nothing is what it seems to be. With rock debris this impressive large rock Peñon d’Ifach is connected with the mainland.

1 of the 7 miracles of the Valencia community (Costa Blanca) is the area that borders at ‘Peñon d’Ifach’. Known as the nature park Peñon d’Ifach. This park is so huge and has expanded since 2012 by amalgamation with the neighboring nature reserve Las Salinas. Eminently this is a paradise for nature, hiking and cycling lovers.

3. The magic Mar Menor

Every summer La Manga del Mar Menor attracts a lot of visitors of the Costa Blanca. Nevertheless the lake, which is almost completely enclosed by land, isn’t less ideal for modes relaxation. The magic mud baths are at the northern part of La Manga del Mar Menor, the car-free parts at the north and the numerous hiking and cycling opportunities confirm this.

You don’t intend to go into the mud? Nothing is less amusing than to see how others leave the mud baths extremely charming. But also it’s lovely to enjoy nature around the entire lake and there are possibilities to do water sports.

4. Costa Blanca’s City trip: Alicante and Valencia

Increasingly popular is a city trip during your holiday. Alicante and Valencia are 2 very nice places to get more out of the cultural history site of the Costa Blanca.

Alicante with its famous modern marina and shopping area. Also sneak around in entertainment areas. For example Panoramis and Explanada de España, which represents the typical daily Spanish life.

Valencia on the other hand is the greatest hectic contrast. Although with even more historical heritage of several centuries.

5. Mini cruise Costa Blanca: Calpe – Altea or Denia – Javea

Visit 2 places of the Costa Blanca in 1 day. That’s of course perfect if you’ve been there before and you only want to make a quick visit. In contrast the mini cruise is also very practical for a first time. One thing’s for sure and that’s that you’re not going to be stuck in a traffic jam and you’re able to enjoy a delicious sea breeze on a nice pace.

Calpe – Altea

  • Let yourself introduced by Calpe, the little sister of Benidorm. Admire the symbol of the village Peñal d’Ifach and wander through the old city and El Arrabal with its ancient ramparts, museums and a maze of small streets.
  • In Altea the church Virgin del Consuel can not be missed. Like many white houses along long paths and a bump of stairs.

Denia – Javea

  • Cute colorful small houses in narrow streets and beautiful squares characterize Denia. Together with the modern baroque church ‘Iglesia de la Asunción’ and the street ‘Marques de Campo’, which overwhelm you with its large amount of trees, charming shops and here and there a terrace. A must-have-seen is certainly the magnificent view from the lighthouse.
  • Javea (Valencian: Xàbia) has several monumental sensations which are breathtaken. From Cabo de la Noa, San Martin or Avenida del Mediterrano you will definitely pass by several impressive buildings that have immensely beautiful details. The 12th century church Iglesia San Bartolomé is the great leader. Despite that the harbor of Javea is mostly modern touristic tinted, the totally not authentic Spanish church Nuestra Señora de Loreta pulls all the attention.

6. The Costa Blanca Safari

Nothing’s more peaceful than admiring over 1.000 animals in a trot or stretching their wings, young animals romping around and animals lie to sleep in all their innocence? With spectacle you drive by car along lions, tigers, elephants, buffaloes, flamingos and other animals in the animal kingdom.

  • During summer Terra Mitica Benidorm organizes the Night Safari Aventure. First you’ll enjoy a dinner show with live performances of all kind of different animals. And for dessert you make an exciting night drive through the sustainable zoo.
  • Dual attention for Aitana Safari Park. Here you drive by jeep through the best and complete simulated habitat animal kingdom for the lions, tigers, giraffes and more.

7. Cuevas de Canalobre, the caves of the candlesticks

In Busot, on the Costa Blanca, are the caves of the candlesticks. Spectacular rock formations in the shape of candlesticks certainly attract attention, besides the well-known, but impressive stalactites and stalagmites. This irregularly shaped caves has one of the highest vaults at the Costa Blanca and even in whole Spain. All together make the vaults in a privileged acoustic space.

8. Peña Roja (Lliber): Climbing and hiking on the Costa Blanca

From all over the world climbers come to the Costa Blanca for the more than 38 climbing routes on the Peña Roja (also known as Penyal Roja). The village Lliber is located in this beautiful natural park and adjacent to this very beloved climbing wall.

This haven of tranquility offers besides climbing also many opportunities for hiking and nature lovers.

9. Kayak

With the kayak you paddle along the beautiful coastline of the Costa Blanca. Have a nice and cozy day with your family or friends while you all kayak.

It’s also a perfect way to combine with snorkeling. As you come with your kayak to spots where you normally wouldn’t (be able to) come so quickly by foot.

10. The Costa Blanca and its Vías Verdes, de green paths

Previous railways are now the vías verdes walking and cycling paths across Spain. Meanwhile there are about 90 paths of about 1.900km without interruption of motorized traffic over the mountains, across valleys, viaducts and through tunnels.

There are routes of all kind of levels, several paths are also accessible for people with low mobility and so they are also fully able to enjoy the scenery.

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