Places of interest in Spain – Asturias

Do you want to stay just on the beach in the midst of the great Cantabrian Sea and a vast forest? Then just visit Asturias located on the northern coast of Spain. This is a town known for its impressive natural beauty. A place where one can enjoy the holiday in a quiet atmosphere. It is not just spending your time on the sea; there are many places to see in Asturias. Just a brief introduction to some of the most important places in this town:

Brief history of Asturias:

This kingdom town has its history from the medieval ages. Originally, the town consisted of tribal people. Then it was the Roman Empire who ruled this town. It became an autonomous state of Spain in the year 1982.

Places of interest:

True to its long history, this town has many places of historic interest. Let us begin our tour from Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. The great 12th century Camara Santa cathedral built in classical Gothic style will be the first place of our visit. This cathedral has collection of paintings and sculptures of Romanesque style. The cathedral has a very impressive look and it adds beauty to the city. There are many more cathedrals around this Camara Santa Cathedral which are worth seeing.

Our next visit is the national park which is called Picos de Europa in Spanish language. This park is on the foot of the great mountain El Naranjo de Bulnes. Just see this great mountain in the backdrop of the twilight of the evening sun. You will be astonished to see this great mountain glowing with orange color.

Now let us move to the coastal city of Gijon. This is the centre of ‘beach tourism’ of Spain. Needless to say the most imposing natural beauty of the beach attracts large tourists. The place is full of entertainment sports like water sports, etc. The famous Asturias Cider is produced here.

Just want to visit another popular place for the best picturesque scenery? Then we will go to the river side of the Dobra River. You will be really tempted to spend a couple of days on this river bed; such is the natural beauty of this river and the landscape around this river. This river is located to the south of the town Cangas do Onis.

There are many more places to visit. If you can just spend about three to four days, it will be possible to tour other important tourist spots of this great place Asturias.

Photo Credit:Pixabay