Places of interest in Spain – Marbella

Spain has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. Marbella which is one of the cities in the province of Andalusia has one such beach. It is actually located on the Costa del Sol. It is the destination for many tourists from European countries. Just a visit will convince you.

What are the places of interest?

Board walk:

This board walk which stretches along the beach to a total distance of about 6 kilometers is one of the places relished by every tourist. It is just a walking place; as it runs along the beach it provides a spectacular view of the beach as one walks along. In between if you want to relax, there are plenty of places to relax and there are many coffee clubs on this board walk so that you can relax and rejuvenate. It is a wonderful experience.

Los Naranjos Square:

Located in the centre of Marbella, this square is surrounded by many buildings of historical importance built in typical Renaissance architecture. Some of the historical buildings surrounding this square are a chapel said to have been built in 1400, the town hall which is also believed to have been built centuries ago and many such other buildings of historical importance. Each of these buildings is worth paying a visit. These buildings have added more beauty to this square. The narrow streets have added color to the square.

Marbella Bullring:

With a seating capacity of about 10000, this bullring is a famous place of Marbella. The bullring and the adjacent buildings are a glaring example of architectural marvel. Bullfight is held every weekend. During other parts of the week when bullfight is not held, concerts are held which also attract large number of tourists.


Built in the year 1960, this has now become one of the busiest ports of Spain. Apart from vessels, many pleasure boats are also available. Just by the side of the port is the beach for tourists. This beach has many water sports which are suitable for all sections of visitors.


There are many golf grounds along the beach. In addition to this, there are many villas and each of these villas has provision for games like cycling, tennis, etc. The villas have private swimming pools. Most of the villas have private parks for the recreation of the tourists.

Marbella is the most ideal tourist destination for those who want to enjoy their holiday in the midst of nature.

Photo Credit:Pixabay Shutterstock