Places of interest in Spain – Marbella

This small city of the province Andalusia is popular amongst the elite tourists from Europe. That is sufficient to explain how beautiful this city is. This city, like other parts of Spain has its own history. According to archeological evidence, the history of the city can be traced to Neolithic period.

History also says that the city got its name ‘Marbella’ during the Muslim rule. It was a tiny village with just about 900 inhabitants not long ago; that was in the year 1940. Now it has transformed itself into a popular tourist spot. What is so unique about this city?

Bonsai Park:

This is the biggest Bonsai Park in the world. Many rare species of plants are on display here. Some of the trees grown in this Bonsai Park are claimed to be as old as 500 years. This park is located on a river where many turtles live. The entry fee for the park is just Euro 2.

Arroyo de La Park:

This is a fairly big park measuring about 2 kilometers in length and about half kilometer in width. There is a small river by the side of the park. There are enough places for children and elders to play and do physical exercises. The Bonsai Park is situated in this park.

Puerto Banus:

This is a port which is most frequently visited by tourists. Some of the splendid yachts can be seen here. The port has many pubs, discos and bars for the entrainment of the tourists. Of course, the port has enough places for the tourists to enjoy water sports. The small roads where these pubs are located are luxuriously illuminated and it presents a most fascinating view during the night time.

Constitution Park:

In local language this park is called Parque de La Constitucion. This park was inaugurated in the year 1950. This park is ideally located in the centre of the city, just behind the port. Many species of trees and plants are grown in this park. Cypress trees, tropical shrubs, olive trees, palm trees, bougainvillea, geraniums and Jasmine are some of the popular varieties that are grown in this park.

This park is not restricted to growing trees. There is a medium sized open air auditorium where music concerts are held regularly. Similarly many dances, dramas are held. Film shows and slideshows are held for the entertainment of children. The auditorium has seating arrangements for about 600 people.

Photo Credit:Pixabay Shutterstock