Places of interest in Spain – Palencia

Spain has many wonderful historical places. Many of the historical monuments have received applause worldwide. These monuments are popular for their beautiful architecture, great works of sculpture, etc. Any city, province or even a village for that matter has some monuments which have historical value. On the top of it is the beautiful coast which is the most ideal place for holidaying.

Palencia is a town with a population of about 85000 inhabitants carved out of Tierra de Campos province situated in the Northwest of Spain. This city traces its history to the period of Celts. Many other civilizations like Romans, Moors had their influence on the people living here. There are two tall mountains around this town. Palencia is the most beautiful place which every visitor appreciates.


Built in Gothic architecture in the year 1321, this is one of the most revered places in Palencia. The cathedral has a beautiful image of San Antolin on display. In fact, it is said that the cathedral receives the highest number of visitors in Palencia. The cathedral also has a museum where many works of art from great painters and artists are on display. The archaeological museum in this cathedral exclusively displays many works of ceramics and other metals like copper, bronze, etc.


This Bridge which is also called Roman Bridge is believed to have been built by demolishing the other bridge which stood at the same point. The earliest bridge is believed to have been constructed in the medieval period. On the right side of the bridge one can find people enjoying modern comfort and people belonging to the old settlement are located on the left bank of the river.


Among many other churches, the church of San Miguel is most popular amongst the local population and also amongst tourists visiting Palencia. This church is believed to have been built in the 13th century. This church is considered to be a great work of architecture and some even call the monument a challenge to the modern architects.

The San Zoilo Monastery is located in this church. This Monastery is believed to have been constructed in the 18th century. It is a pleasure to watch the imposing beauty of this church.

Fort around the town:

The entire city has been fortified by great walls. These walls are constructed to a height of about 30 feet so that the fort could be effectively used for defense purpose. In fact according to historians, the fort was constructed in the year 1778 and most part of the fort has been very well preserved. This is certainly a place worth seeing.

Calle Mayor:

This is actually the name of a street which has many buildings built in traditional architectural designs. Many buildings constructed in Gothic architecture or in Moorish Architecture or in Romanesque designs can be found on this road. The street has parks which have special walk paths, etc.

Boarding and lodging: T

There are numerous villas, apartments and hotels to suit all classes of visitors. There are luxurious villas available at the most economical rentals.

Photo Credit: Pixabay