Rental Villas in Blanes

You can opt for all types of rental villas in Blanes. You looking for some rental villas, in blanes, you have good choice in it. There are many villas which are available in blanes according to your personal choice and preference. They are available in the form of personalized needs.

You can expect these villas to be well equipped with number of things and accessories. You also have option of booking villa in blanes on online basis. You can get good discounts, if you opt for these villas on online basis.

Here are some villas in blanes which you can choose from according to your preference:

 You can choose from various villas in Costa Brava. There are many new and old designer villas which offer total comfort. There is a modern house villa which was build around eight years a go. It’s perfect for your family of ten to fifteen people. It’s quite spacious and offers various facilities. You can expect various rooms and bathrooms.

You can expect swimming pool and garden for all your recreational needs. You can expect all electronic products in the villa. You can expect a microwave, T.V and other products in the rental cost. This helps you to give easy access for staying carefree in the villa with your family. The rental of this villa starts from 250€ per day. You can also book this through online websites.

Blanes Costa Brava

You can also opt for villas with lower rentals depending on your family needs. You can choose a smaller villa for your small family needs. Small villas may have two to three rooms with basic bathrooms. You can also expect mini pool in these small villas. These types of villas can accommodate about seven to eight people.

You can also expect small garden or lawns in these types of villas. You can expect basic air conditioning features in these villas. You can expect electronic products in the form of oven and T.V. These types of villas are perfect for all your holiday needs. The basic rental for these types of villa starts from 200€. This also depends on per day need for rental. You can book for these villas on online booking sites.

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