Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain

The Botanical Gardens, were any of you out there aware that there is actually more than one botanical garden? This gal will be the first to admit just that, but as it turns out, Montreal is not the only place that boasts a beautiful botanical garden which houses many exotic flowers. The garden we are talking about is referred to as the Royal Botanical Garden and it is located in Madrid, Spain.

The garden boasts 20 acres of land and houses approximately 30,000 different types of flowers and plants, not to mention approximately 1,500 different species of trees. It is a garden lover’s dream! The Royal Botanical Garden, referred to in Madrid as Real Jardin Botanico was commissioned (or paid for) by Carlos (Charles) the Third in the later part of the 18th Century. Surely this was the best investment Carlos ever made.

The Garden is located in the heart of Paseo Del Parado and tourists can stroll through the garden for a nice break from the noisy hustle and bustle of everyday life. After a person has gotten his bearings in this beautiful piece of heaven, he can step over into the Prado Museum where he can learn a little about Spain’s history

. Whether you enjoy the museum first or the Garden, rest assured that they are both worth spending time on and you and your loved ones will no doubt never forget them!

The Real Jardin is not the biggest of the many botanical gardens that are in this world but it is by far one of the most extensive in its collection of flowers, trees and plants. With the many different species of each, the average tourist would most likely feel that there are not enough hours to take in all that the Jardin has to offer. On the plus side, the Jardin never has an off season.

As mentioned, the plant life as well as the trees that are thriving in the Real Jardin come from all over the world; there are Iris which are from South Africa to the Peonies which come from Japan, Korea or even China.

The climate in Madrid makes for favourable growth conditions for the plant life that is housed there. As you can expect, this is a plus for the tourists as well as for the economy in Madrid. Tourists all year round makes for excellent money making.

PhotoCredit: Pixabay