Salamanca city has vivid places for tourist to enjoy

According to history, Salamanca was a settlement as long back as 1000 to 2000 BC. It was during Christian era that people from different civilizations started to settle down and now it has become a cosmopolitan city. It has all the facilities of a most modern city but it retains many of its beauties so that it would be best reminiscent of the past. This city is located at a distance of about 3 hours drive from Madrid and is just a 1 hour drive from the Portuguese Border.

For tourists:

There is a university started in 1218 which has about 40000 students on roll. This is one of the oldest universities of Europe. The university has a museum of its own with collection of art work several centuries old. With a most imposing campus and the nerve centre of learning, it is certainly a place that should never be missed. In the centre of the city, there is a building which stands firm as a challenge to architects. This building is built using the Villa mayor stone. This is also called Golden Sandstone.

Fonseca School Salamanca Spain

Spain is a place of monuments and museums and art exhibitions. This shows that great importance is being given to preserve the traditions and preserve the history so that our next generation can learn and have an insight into the past. Salamanca has many museums. Some of the museums are Museum of Salamanca, Museum of new and decorative arts, Salamanca’s history museum.

There is a cathedral in the heart of the city. This place of religious fervor also has a museum where the 15th century paintings of the famous artists Fernando Gallego and Juan de Flandes are on display. Also on display is a most imposing sculpture of Fransisco de. This sculpture is called as ‘Anaya’s tomb’. This tomb has an interesting story behind it.

Those who want to know the history of ‘horology’ and also see the evolution of clocks; should visit the world famous Fonseca College Museum.

There are many parks to relax and restaurants to dine and enjoy the most delicious wine and other local specialty foods. Certainly a trip to Salamanca will be innovative, informative and invigorating.


Photo Credit:Shutterstock