Santander is a cosmopolitan city of Spain and is a perfect tourist spot as well

What one expects from a city; every bit of it is present in Santander, Capital of Cantabria province, Spain. It has many places of tourist importance. There are many shops selling popular locally produced articles. There are historic churches and museums. For the comfort of tourists, there are many villas and apartments. The city is very rich in historic buildings. Let us just go round the city:

Tourist places:

Muelle de Salmerón: This is a port and has a beautiful sculpture called Grua de Piedra said to have been installed about a century ago (in 1900). This beautiful sculpture is surrounded by a beautiful park. It is from here that the tourist can enjoy boating.

Playa del Sardinero: This is a beach which came to fame in early 20s because the king and other members of the Royal family spent some days in the beautiful environment of this beach. From then on, it has become one of the most popular tourist spots. Many hotels and bars have come up here and there are some casinos also.

Palacio de la Magdalena Santander Spain

Palace Palacio de la Magadalena: This historic palace has a beautiful history. Built in the year 1912 out of public donation, the palace was given to Victoria Equgenia and King Alfonso XIII. The king converted it to a summer palace till 1930. Located very near the beach, it has children’s playground, a small museum, the lighthouse, etc. Now this place is used as a college where classes are held for teaching literature, Spanish culture, etc. Palace de Pronillo and Castillo San Felipe are the other palaces of importance for tourists.

Cathedral de la Asuncion Virge: This is one of the oldest cathedrals of Spain. This has undergone several reconstructions and reformations since 791. Declared as a national monument in 1931, this historic and most precious church has been attracting the tourists. The church represents masterly architecture of the era. Some of the most revered churches and cathedrals of historic importance are Iglesia de la Compania, Convention de Santa Cruz and Iglesia de Santa Lucia.

Museum Casa Museo Menéndez Pelayo: This is one of the best of many museums in the city of Santander. This museum was inaugurated by the king Alfonso XIII. It has many most precious and priceless collections.


Spain has most luxurious villas to comfort the tourist. Santander has villas and apartments to suit various classes of tourists. The rent is quite reasonable.

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