Segovia: A town with Fairytale Images

Segovia is well famed for its fairytale castles, spectacular culinary specialties and Roman ruins. It is an indispensable part of your vacations in Spain without exploring which you are definitely missing on something. The article covers basic aspects of transportation to Segovia and what you must do there.

Getting to Segovia is possible in multiple ways. You can either catch a bus from Paseo de la Florida stop if you are coming from Madrid. Alternatively, you can take a Renfe train. Both ways, you’ll be able to reach a Segovia’s city center. Though you cannot expect a frequent train service but the travel time is quite less than that of the bus but the bus service is quite frequent.

Segovia is a busy town and famous for its culinary specialties. For lunch, it is recommended that you make your reservations in it once. Do not miss on famous dishes including the cochinillo (roasted suckling pig). This dish is famous for being over tender so that it can be cut without using a knife, even with the edge of a plate. You’ll find this dish on the menu all over and Segovia but make it a point to try it in Meson de Candido.

Tour of Segovia’s Alcazar, which is the famous storybook castle is a must. The castle is positioned on a hillside and has a turreted blue roofline. When you see it you’ll surely remember stories like that of Cinderella. A lot of people believe that the Alcazar Castle was actually the Walt Disney’s inspiration that he took from the Cinderella’s Castle. The ornate rooms, beautiful exterior, echoing inside and the spectacular view of the city from the roof should not be missed.

You must also explore the Roman aqueduct. Built during the survival of Roman civilization on the Spanish land, this 728 m long aqueduct is almost intact up till now and is known for its double row of arches which are worth capturing in your camera. This aqueduct can be watched from close if you climb up the stairs that are made especially for a better aqueduct view.

Next to Plaza Mayor turreted blue roofline the Gothic cathedral that has enticing beauty, grand entrances, intricate pinnacles that have been carved artistically, beautiful glass windows that are stained in order to make this cathedral even more watch worthy. The extremely pleasant feel is what you get inside the cathedral, making it a unique and cool place to rest for a while.

Photo Credit: Pixabay