Spain – a paradise for tourists

People go on holiday so that they can relax in a quiet environment and forget the busy office schedule and the traffic jams, etc. They want to relax their mind and body, rejuvenate themselves physically and mentally. All this is possible only if the destination they have chosen for holidaying has all that they want. Spain really has all of it. Just see the following tourist spots of Spain, you will be convinced.


This province is located near the famous city of Madrid; Cuenca has much to offer every visitor. The very fact that UNESCO has declared this province as a world heritage place underlines the wonders of the province. The city is engulfed on three sides by the two great rivers of Spain, Huecar and Jucar. It has many houses built on the cliff of the mountains and these are called hanging houses. One of these houses is converted into a museum. The most astonishing point is that these houses built in 15th century are still going strong. There is a great monument in the midst of the city.

City Cuenca Spain

The approach roads to the monument have cobbled narrow roads and the monument has beautiful fountains and parks around it. Near to it is the most famous cathedral. Just move a little to the east of the province and you have the most imposing view of the mountains with impressive rock formations, natural waterfalls and natural beauty dotted with many historical buildings. Certainly the visitor will fall in love with this province.

The province is a popular place for making wine. The wine made in this province is most popular for its taste. There are many restaurants to treat the visitor with traditional and continental foods. Many villas will ensure comfortable stay of the visitor. For those who wish to stay in the mountain range during the night; there is a convent by the name of Parador in Cuenca.

This sixteenth century building is the most ideal place for those who wish to have a full view of the gorges around the city. The convent has been converted into a most beautiful restaurant and most comfortable accommodation is available. The province has many shops selling the popular items manufactured by the residents of Cuenca.

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