Stunning Hidden Secrets in Costa Brava

Costa Brava means “wild coast,” and based on the reputation this tourist destination has received it should really come as no surprise. It’s known for sunburns, boisterous nightlife and all-day breakfasts, but little do most tourists know that there are actually quite a number of stunning secrets hidden away in Costa Brava. If you’re looking for the more scenic, less crowded areas of this wild coast, be sure to add the following to your itinerary!

1. Begur

Let’s start off our list with what is probably one of the best kept secrets of Costa Brava, Begur. Begur is a quirky little hilltop town in Spain that requires a little stamina and determination as you climb a steep, winding road to get there; but, don’t let that stop you! If you can make it happen, the views are absolutely stunning and worth bringing a camera for. Pause for a selfie with the sparkling waters behind you in one of the area’s many coves, while grabbing a bite in one of the town’s amazing cafes and restaurants or as you explore its 10th century castle. Yes, there’s even a castle! In fact, there are so many things to see and do in this little town you almost won’t believe that it isn’t a number one tourist destination, but if you’re looking to steer away from the crowds then that’s good news for you!

2. Cap de Creus Natural Park

For more scenic views that will beg for your camera, head over to the easternmost point of mainland Spain, where you’ll find Cap de Creus Natural Park. This park will take you straight out to the seas as you trek across a rocky landscape riddled with hidden, surprise beaches that are perfect for a break beneath the warm Spanish sun. So be sure to bring an adventurous spirit when you journey here, because not only is the destination one for the adventure books, but the winding narrow roads to get there will likely be a story to tell as well!

3. Llafranc

Is your sense of adventure even greater than what Cap de Creus has to offer? No problem! Get excited for Llafranc, the perfect location for people of all ages that love being outdoors and in the water. Llafranc’s reefs make it one of the absolute best snorkeling destinations in Spain, but if you prefer to look out over the water rather than being in it, you can kick back and relax on the warm sands of the beaches as well! The beaches are pretty much deserted, making it quite the romantic getaway for a honeymooning couple, despite the numerous activities, cafes and restaurants available for anyone to enjoy!

4. Palamos

Palamos ventures more on the metropolitan side of life, offering a little bit of something for everyone that cares to visit, from solo travelers to couples, families and friends. Since there’s everything from beautiful sights to art, shopping, dining and even an amusement park, you’ll find yourself with no shortage of things to do to keep everyone entertained! For families, the amusement park is located right where you’ll have full view of the seafront, making it easy to entertain the little ones while still snapping some photos of Spain’s natural beauty. The real hidden gem of Palamos, however, is its simpler old town center. Here is where you’ll want to be! There are plenty of local art and clothing shops to peruse throughout the day and delicious dining options to choose from, but you won’t have to fight any crowds for it because for some reason, this little town doesn’t make it on many tourists’ to-do lists; but it should absolutely be on yours!

5. Pals

Last, but certainly not least, is Pals. This medieval town is located near Begur, another hidden secret of Spain you’ll want to check out, and is set atop a rocky hill peppered with old cobble streets that wind their way through the town granting you access to adorable craft shops that seem to magically pop up out of nowhere and draw you in with their charm. It’s easily accessible, which makes it great for anyone travelling in Spain, and offers some amazing views of the Mediterranean where you can capture some beautiful photos of sunsets to take home and share with friends and family.