There are too many places of interest to visit in Spain

Spain is a country which has a rich heritage and culture. Added to it is its geographical location for nature lovers. It is a place to enjoy, learn and understand and that is the beauty of Spain. Some of the places of interest for tourists are mentioned here:


Also called Sevilla, this is one of the largest cities of Spain. Historians believe that this place was occupied by Moorish group for over 500 years. In fact, this great city is also called the ‘romantic heart of Spain’ which very well explains how beautiful the city is. It was here that two great characters of Spain theatre world namely Carmen and Don Juan took birth. The grave of Christopher Columbus is located in this great city.

It has the tallest cathedral of Gothic era where well known works of art and stone work have been carried out. There are steps to climb over to the tower where the bell is located. A view of the city from the tower is really splendid. The travelers are advised not to skip the palace ‘Alcazar’. This palace cum fortress is believed to have been built by Arab kings.

The architecture of the building is an outstanding example of the influence of Moorish people in building this palace. The walls and pillars of the palace are intricately carved and painted.This place has another place of interest; the garden of Alcazar. The houses near the garden are another example of the influence of Moorish group. The local festival where many travelers from other countries participate is ‘April fair’. The city has restaurants and service apartments for the convenience of the visitors.


Sierra Nevada Spain

The Sierra Nevada:

Those who wish to spend their time in the midst of mountains, viewing the spectacular natural beauties downstream and in the midst of the cool breeze flowing from the mountain range; are advised to go to Sierra Nevada. The mountain range runs almost parallel to the vast Mediterranean Sea. The highest peak is located at a height of about 11,155 feet from the sea level.

There are many villages located at various heights on this beautiful mountain. Alpujarra is one of the villages located on the southern side of the mountain. The roads leading to the peak and to the various villages present a highly picturesque look. Even in this mountain range, there are museums and churches and villas. Coaches are available to reach the mountain and the villages located on it.

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