Things to Avoid In Madrid

Madrid is undoubtedly an enthralling metropolis and the capital city of Spain. Known for its friendly people, sunny climate, collection of art, tapas, and lively people, a visit to Madrid can be riveting and fun filled.

City of Madrid offers awesome cuisines and a lot which can help you de-stress the life and make you ready to deal with the same hustle bustle back at home. Being a big city, Madrid has a lot that you can remember even when you’re back at home but make sure that your trip to Madrid remains unforgettable only because of nice experiences and not because you find yourself ensnared in some kind of tourist trap.

It is recommended that you do not use taxi in Madrid, especially if you are staying in the center of town. The municipality of Madrid has invested a lot to create an extensive subway commuting system — the metro. The Madrid Metro makes it possible to connect to any destination within or in the suburbs conveniently and in very short time.

The metro system also quite affordable and ensures that we do not end up spending loads of money while traveling in taxi. There are a lot of taxi drivers that may charge heavily and cheat any unsuspecting customer.

Do not dine in Plaza Mayor. It’s what locals recommend, as those restaurants located in the red brick arches are known to be tourist traps in Madrid. There is no doubt that the Plaza Mayor is one of the most gorgeous places that city has but it is definitely not one place where locals indulge in having beer or lunch.

Most of the restaurant’s offer inflated prices for food and service. There are a number of breakfast joints, coffee bars and restaurants in other parts of Madrid and all kinds of foods from breakfast and lunch and dinner is served here.

Another important consideration when it comes to restaurant etiquettes is tipping. You must first check the bill as generally restaurants in Spain charge you with a service charge in the bill which caters to the tip of the waiters. In such case you do not need to pay generous tips.

In Madrid, you’ll find a number of beggers roaming around in Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor area. Do not get carried away by how they present themselves in gruesome condition and it is recommended that you do not offer them money. Most of the times, there are groups who better controlling such activities and it is a means to extort money from people, especially tourists. If you give money to them, you are yourself getting trapped.

Always make sure that you never leave your baggage unattended, wherever in Madrid you are. There are always chances of getting pick pocketed so it is important that while you are in Madrid, you pay special attention’s to your belongings.

Photo Credit: Pixabay