Top Attraction Points In Andalusia

Special Spanish holidays

For those who love to backpack, Andalusia can transform into a heaven on earth. The southern province is a unique and rather exotic combination of pure Spanish traditions and roots coming from the African continent. It is one of those places where you can spend months and months and never get bored.

The most attractive characteristic of Andalusia for backpackers is represented by its hostels which are numerous and offer wonderful conditions, so they can fully take advantage of that.

Visiting Malaga and Seville

The port city of Malaga represents one of the biggest attractions of the province; it does look like an utterly commercial place, but if you give it credit, you easily realize that it is an authentic city that is fighting to keep its traditions and its pure essence alive.

While in Malaga, make sure that you visit the Old Town with its imposing monuments; the Cathedral, the Moorish Alcazaba and last but not the least, the charming winding streets. Seville will definitely impress you with its Giralda tower, the Cathedral and the Moorish monuments, including the palace.

The flamenco is one of the most popular traditions in Seville, so if you choose to spend a few hours in one of the bars that offer live shows, you will find the time spent there a very pleasant one. Both Malaga and Seville have a wonderful offering of hostels, so there is nothing to prevent you from visiting them!


On the list of cities to visit in Andalusia, Granada occupies a top place. The city is stunning: the places that surround it are scenic and the Alhambra Palace is a magnificent monument that stands on the ‘’once in a lifetime to visit’’ list.

Once you step on the streets of Granada, you fall into its magical spell. It really feels like you are in one of the fairytales that your mother used to tell you when you were a child, this is how beautiful Granada is!

The wonders of Andalusia

For a person who is in love with backpacking, Andalusia is a paradise. The olive groves, the stonewalls which are stunning even if they are dry and the whitewashed towns create an idyllic landscape that will charm you and make you wish to go back there again at least once. Give a chance to this beautiful province because it is a place where you can collect memories for a lifetime.