Travel Tips For Spain

The country is renowned for many things; one of them is its flamenco dancers; another is its bullfights. The Moroccan architecture reflects the local lifestyle with cave paintings, Moorish palaces and renaissance cathedrals to showcase the rich diversity of Spain. Summer is enjoyed by all for its sunshine but spring and fall are no less appreciated.

Spanish Culture

The regional and official language of Spain is Spanish although English is commonly used. Today, the locals have adapted to the modern era and are not as conservative as before. However, the traditions, values, customs and manners of the locals remain steadfast. Each local has two surnames; you can greet a local with his first surname and a handshake.

When you visit a local, it is the local tradition to offer a small gift to the host. Flowers are only given on special occasions. The locals have their dinner very late at night. They are very casual in their dressing but men are required to wear jackets at certain restaurants. Swimwear is to be worn only at the beach or pools. Smoking has been banned in public places.

Shopping Opportunities

Spain is a great place for shoppers as the stores open their doors very early and close at late evenings. However, they close for lunch or a short rest, known as siesta, in the afternoon. Spain is famous for its porcelain and leather wares. There are service charges imposed on all purchases while tipping is personal.
Electricity voltage – at 220V with 50 Hz frequency

Means of Arrival

The national airline is IBERIA although there are various low cost airlines available. Spain offers about 30 international airports of which Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Malaga and Alicante are the more famous.

Madrid airport is about 13km outside the city with a regular 15 minute interval bus service and an efficient underground service. Barcelona airport is only 3km away from the city with regular buses and trains. The network of roads is excellent in Spain connecting the north to the south. Tolls are also placed along certain stretches that cost a few Euros.

Duty Free Items

Any visitor to and out of Spain is allowed 200 cigarettes/100 cigarillos/50 cigars/250g tobacco or 300 cigarettes/150 cigarillos/70 cigars/400g tobacco for EU citizens. Visitors are also entitled to 1L spirits of over 22% volume or 2L alcoholic beverage less than 22% volume and 2L wine or 1.5L over 22%/3L of 22%/5L wine for EU residents.

Perfumes of 50g or 250ml eau de toilette are allowed. For coffee lovers, 500g coffee or 200g coffee extract with double the amount for EU residents are to be enjoyed.  Finally, you can enjoy 100g tea or check out 40g tea extract with gifts costing about Euro37.26.