Use this checklist to find out if renting a villa is the best idea for your holiday!

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Are you already starting to feel the pressure of planning a well-deserved break? Perhaps you’re set on a certain destination but still struggling with finding the perfect accommodation for you and your travel group? Camping, hotels and holiday villas all have their pros and cons, and what might be appealing for one group of holidaymakers, may not necessarily suit all tastes or requirements. Let’s focus on the holiday villa for example; independence, privacy, space, security, location, luxury and budget. Holiday homes really do have a lot to offer, but is renting a private villa the best option for you? Use this handy checklist to find out!

The Checklist

1. Want to book safely and securely?

With a reputable rental agency you’re sure to be in safe hands. This option comes with many benefits, such as support throughout the booking process, being able to ask all sorts of questions as well as having a designated point of contact. You can rely on your agent to take over much of the responsibility, giving you more peace of mind and the chance to really look forward to the holiday itself. Does secure booking matter to you?

2. Not looking for any surprises upon arrival?

Do you dread the thought of arriving at your villa following a long journey, only to realise that you’ll be staying in a hovel, that the air con doesn’t work, that the so-called authentic style is more antique, or even that the beach is actually 30 minutes walking distance away? These examples of unpleasant situations can easily be avoided by booking with a reputable rental agency. They will have extensive knowledge of the property and location, be able to provide accurate information and come with a 110% guarantee that they will deliver on their promises. Do you want to be sure you get exactly what you’ve paid for?

3. Want to book at the lowest price?

Doesn’t it always feel great to snap up a bargain? To know that you’re booking for the lowest price guaranteed? Holiday villas can be very affordable, and come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick and choose a really great property that suits all the needs of your travel group. Are you looking for a great price, but expect something wonderful in return?

4. Want to have the property all to yourself?

Paying as little as possible is always great, but does it also mean that you’ll have to compromise by sharing with others? Of course not! Having the entire property at the disposal of your travel group is a great advantage of renting a holiday home or villa, leaving you to enjoy the independence, space and privacy you’re looking for, without the need to share with strangers. Just ask yourself whether you’d rather share your holiday space!

5. Fancy paying less by sharing the costs?

Heading on holiday with a group of family or friends? Then a villa is the perfect accommodation choice! Renting a holiday villa becomes much more affordable when you are travelling with a large(r) group, meaning everyone can take advantage of more luxury at a more competitive price. Are you keen to benefit from sharing the costs of a holiday home, by renting with a group of friends or family?

6. Value your privacy?

Privacy on holiday means getting to enjoy peace and quiet whenever you decide, whether that’s spending the whole day lounging around in your pyjamas, sunbathing on the terrace without being spied on by nosey neighbours, or even enjoying a swim in your private pool free from noise and disruption. Is privacy on holiday important for you?

7. Like having plenty of space?

In a holiday home you can take advantage of having a lot more space compared to other accommodation types – most hotel rooms, for example, are no more than 20m²! Yet with a villa you and your travel group have plenty of space to enjoy together whilst also having room for everyone to take a step back and enjoy some privacy from time to time. Would you like enough space to really enjoy your holiday?

8. Looking for accommodation tailored to your needs?

The great thing about holiday villas is that they come in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure to find one that meets all your wants and needs. For example, go for a villa with a private pool, or choose a stunning property directly on the beach. After all, it is your holiday and you deserve to get exactly what you wish for! So, would you like accommodation which fulfils all your requirements?

9. Do you like to have your holiday your way­?

Once again, it’s your holiday, so you should have the freedom to enjoy it however you want, right? In a holiday home you don’t have to stick to rules such as breakfast times or the opening times of the pool. Complete independence means you can eat when you want and jump into your pool whenever you feel like it! Would you like to be the master of your own, well deserved holiday?

Club Villamar – Villa Elysium – Costa Brava

10. Prefer to cook at home?

Eating out is fun, convenient and delicious – but it can also get costly. When staying in a hotel room, you are forced to sample the bland buffet or to spend a lot of money eating out in restaurants every day. Perhaps it would be nice to have the option of dining privately with your travel group from the comfort of a villa? Imagine enjoying a barbecue together, or a cosy alfresco meal with a glass of wine whilst admiring the sunset – this is all possible in a private villa! Would you like to save money on food, without compromising on fun?

11. Keen to have some home-comforts while on holiday?

Hotels can be wonderful, but do they ever really feel like home? Likewise, a campsite is great for adventure, but not if you want to chill on the sofa. In a holiday home you have all the little extras to make a home away from home: a kitchen, a comfy sofa and television, a living room or simply a washing machine – it’s the ideal place to come home to after a long day at the beach. Looking for a cosy home away from home?

 12. Are relationships important for you?

Going on holiday is not just the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries, it also works wonders for relationships with loved ones, family and friends. In a villa you can really spend quality time together in a relaxing environment, doing all the things you never really get a chance to do at home. Take advantage of this opportunity to chat for hours on end, enjoy special moments at the pool or drink a beer together on your private terrace. Are you keen to strengthen relationships with your friends and family in a relaxing environment?

13. Want a real treat for the kids?

Are you going on holiday with children? Then you’ll want to stay somewhere that suits both your needs and their wishes. In a holiday villa the kids have tons of space to let loose, plus what could be nicer than splashing about with the little ones in the private pool of your holiday home? Want a holiday designed with kids in mind?

Club Villamar – Villa Vista Alegre – Lloret de Mar

14. Is making incredible memories important to you?

Do you believe that making great memories together with your family, friends or loved ones is what holidays are all about? Visit beautiful beaches together, discover bustling cities, go on adventurous walks, dance until the early hours in local clubs or spend time chatting on the balcony of your villa … Whatever memories you make together, they are sure to make for an unforgettable holiday. Do you also want to make unforgettable holiday memories?

15. Would you like an authentic holiday experience?

Hotels and resorts provide a certain kind of holiday experience, the same experience enjoyed by hundreds of foreigners week in, week out. If you are looking for a more authentic holiday with unique holiday moments, then renting a holiday home definitely provides you with an experience that is much closer to the ‘typical’ local life. After all, ‘when in Rome…!’ Do you want to experience life like a local?

16. Want some cool pictures for social media?

One of the best parts of going on holiday, of course, is making everyone jealous of your stunning holiday snaps on social media. A luxury holiday home, with a lovely swimming pool or view of the sea, makes for perfect photo opportunities, ensuring that all those stuck back in Britain will be green with envy. Record your holiday memories whilst letting all your social media friends see stunning holiday photos. Are you hoping to get a lot of likes on social media?

The verdict

How many of the above questions did you answer ‘Yes’ to? If you said ‘Yes’ to more than half (9 questions), then booking a villa through Club Villamar is obviously a great choice for your holiday, and will ensure that you make the most of your time away with family or friends, at a competitive price, with luxury, privacy and all the freedom you want.

Would renting a villa make your holiday to Spain just perfect? Get in touch! Our team of experts on Spain will be more than happy to help out.