7 reasons why a holiday home is much more fun than a hotel

Are you planning a dream holiday to Spain? Then you are obviously also looking for the perfect accommodation at the holiday destination of your choice! There are so many different types of accommodation available worldwide, but holiday homes are very popular in Spain. And that is no surprise. They offer many benefits that other popular types of accommodation don’t have.

For the sake of convenience, let’s for example make a quick comparison between staying in a holiday home and a hotel. To keep it brief, holiday homes are normally cheaper, more spacious, more authentic and the experience is more personal than when you rent a single hotel room surrounded by people. As said, this is just a quick comparison and there are many other reasons why a holiday home is much more fun than a hotel.

Would you like to know why you should go for a holiday home? Read on quickly and  discover the 7 reasons why a holiday home contributes to creating your ultimate holiday!

1. Space and privacy

In a standard hotel room, you normally have about 20m² of space, often consisting of 1 room. A holiday home or even a holiday villa is of course much bigger than this. After all, you have more than one room; a holiday home has several indoor and outdoor areas. So, you not only have a lot more space, but you also have plenty of privacy!

A holiday home in Spain often has multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and an outdoor area. So plenty of space to have a great time together. On the one hand, you have your own privacy to do what you want but there is also room to get together and do nice things. On top of that, you also have more privacy away from other holidaymakers: you can even walk around in your pyjamas all day without any strangers seeing you. Imagine… a holiday without the usual frustrations caused by other annoying holidaymakers!

2. The ideal spot for a holiday with your entire family and/or all your friends

When you go on holiday with a group or family, a hotel is not really a very social option. Everyone will have a separate room and if you are a bit unlucky you end up on a different floor or in another part of the hotel away from your friends and/or family. You are on holiday together but unconsciously you still have to plan to meet each other in the hotel. Therefore, you generally  share much less of the holiday experience together than in the comfort of a holiday home.

So, would you like a holiday in Spain with your entire family or with all your friends? Then a holiday home will be a much better option. There are different types of holiday homes in various sizes, therefore there is plenty of space for large groups without feeling cramped or getting on each other’s nerves. This way you can all enjoy the holiday without losing your privacy. After all, holiday homes are designed in such a way that you can have a great time there with a large group of people.

In addition, renting a holiday home with a large group is also very cheap: the bigger the group, the lower the costs per person.

3. Cheap enjoyment

As briefly explained above, renting a holiday home is often much cheaper than renting a hotel room. For example, you can save up to 50% on your travel costs compared to what you must pay for an average family hotel in Spain. Especially when you are booking a holiday for more than 2 people, a holiday home is then often the best option.

A hotel often charges extra for more comfort. Services like meals, extra Wi-Fi, parking or the minibar are very expensive. When you rent a holiday home you get more luxury and comfort for less money; you can find excellent accommodation at really affordable prices.

4. Live and enjoy yourself the way you want

Of course, it is great when you don’t have to do anything yourself and are served at a hotel. But don’t you get fed up with the hotel life after a few days? All those rules, fixed times… In a hotel you have less freedom to do your own thing as you must keep in mind when your room will be cleaned, when breakfast is served or when you can go for a swim. Fair enough, in a holiday home you have to look after yourself but you do have all the freedom to enjoy your holiday the way you want. You can have breakfast in the afternoon, go for a swim in your private swimming pool at night or have a lovely siesta during the day.

5. An authentic experience

Are you a more adventurous holidaymaker? Then renting a holiday home in Spain is probably more your thing than a hotel. Having everything under one roof, like in a hotel or resort, might make your holiday easier, but it can also make the holiday experience more boring. This is definitely not the case with holiday homes because you will experience a holiday that is closer to  “normal” local life, even if you only pop into the local supermarket to buy breakfast. Holiday homes are often unique and have their own character, so you also ensure that it is easy to avoid Spanish mass tourism.

Holiday homes are located in areas where hotels cannot be built, namely on the really special picturesque spots. You shop where the locals shop, you eat where the locals eat and you go to the beaches where the locals go. This way you can really discover Spanish culture and experience a unique holiday.

6. Delicious local food (which you will really enjoy)

When you stay in a hotel, breakfast and dinner are often included. And in a resort, you can often eat (and drink) the same things as much as you want, the whole day and actually throughout the entire holiday via an all-inclusive deal. But a buffet is just a buffet, and after a few days of just filling your plate with things you already know and definitely like, despite the fact that it never tastes like at home, it often becomes rather boring. And isn’t that a real shame when you consider that Spain has an extensive and very diverse cuisine?

In a holiday home you can choose when you eat and also what you eat. So you can really enjoy local ingredients, cook a meal together, eat an extensive meal, have a barbeque in the garden or dine in a restaurant now and again. Your whole dining experience will become richer, more diverse and cosier. Plus, this will give you a good reason to visit the local markets to find Spanish delicacies which will make your holiday even cheaper.

7. The comfort of home

Don’t get me wrong, a hotel can sometimes be really great! But does it ever really feel like home? You are a guest here and you depend on your fellow travellers, the service, the facilities and the food. You only create a small part of your holiday as you mainly depend on the people and things around you. What if you have a dream holiday in mind just as you like it, but the people in the room next to you have a different view? Little things like that can leave a mark on your stay from the outset and therefore also on your entire holiday for which you have saved all year! A holiday home, on the other hand, ensures that you will feel at home, you can do what you want, just like at home! The great thing is, although it is only for a short time, that you can really shape your new home in Spain. It’s the little everyday things: having a “normal” television to watch a film together, being able to cook a proper family meal, having a washing machine to wash any dirty clothes and having a comfortable couch to relax on. Most holiday homes in Spain offer free Wi-Fi, televisions, DVDs, books, games and other items to entertain you. It is also a good option if you want to take your family pet on holiday.

Whatever it is that will make you feel at home, you will always find a holiday property that feels like home.