Villas in Lloret de Mar: What you need to know

Focus your search and reduce the stress. Find your dream villa in 5 easy steps.

Are you looking to rent a holiday villa in Lloret de Mar but are unsure of where to start? The popularity of Lloret de Mar as a holiday destination means that there’s a lot of accommodation to choose from. However, not all of Lloret de Mar’s holiday homes are alike, so you need to be sure you’re making the right choice in order to be left with the villa of your dreams. This decision making process can lead to a lot of stress – so what is really important to focus on when choosing a holiday villa in Lloret de Mar?

Lloret is a very diverse holiday destination, giving holidaymakers the possibility of both a quiet beach escape, as well as an all-hours party holiday. From its wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, relaxing nature, vibrant nightlife and delicious food to its interesting history, Lloret certainly has a lot to offer, which is especially true when it comes to the diverse range of holiday villas here.

In short, there’s a whole lot of choice and to make things even more complicated, you need to factor in the wishes and requirements of your entire travel group … Stress, stress and more stress. ‘How can I make this easier for myself?’ you ask. Keep reading to hear how this process can be made much simpler!

5 steps for choosing your dream villa in Lloret

There are plenty of beautiful holiday homes to choose from in Lloret de Mar, so which elements do you need to look out for? First of all, it depends on the wishes and requirements of your travel group. What are the most important requirements? What is your budget? And what would be really nice to include?

Feel like you could really do with some help? That’s where we come in.

Quickly find your dream villa in Lloret de Mar with the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Choose something that fits your budget

Before you start browsing, it is important to set an estimated budget for your travel group. Searching within this range will give you an overview of what kind of holiday homes can be rented in Lloret. With holiday homes of all types and sizes, you are sure to find something for almost every budget, and using this to narrow your search will help you plan a holiday that suits both you and your wallet.

Step 2: Get to know Lloret de Mar better

As mentioned above, Lloret de Mar is extremely diverse. It is therefore advisable to do some preliminary research to discover what this popular coastal town has to offer before booking. The better you know Lloret, the easier your decision will be. To give you an idea: this coastal town of 38,000 inhabitants has a coastline of no less than 9 km with many different types of beaches. Lloret is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the Costa Brava and during the summer the population can reach up to 160,000. It also has a very convenient location, close to the bustling cities of Girona (40 km) and Barcelona (75 km). Thinking of travelling by plane to the Costa Brava? You can fly to either of these cities and travel to Lloret by bus or rental car.

Of course, there is still much more to be said about Lloret de Mar, we recommend that you do some initial research online to see whether this vibrant place is right for you.

Step 3: Decide which type of holiday you want

Now that you’re better acquainted with Lloret de Mar and familiar with what this coastal town has to offer, it’s time to examine your expectations for the holiday. What is your travel group really looking for? Is it the beach, nightlife, nature, culture, sport, or a combination of several things? As soon as you have a better idea, you can focus your search on a holiday home that meets all of your criteria. So, have a good think (either alone or with your travel companions) about what really should not be missed out during the holiday planning process. The search for the perfect holiday villa will be much easier once you have a clear vision of your dream type of holiday.

Step 4: Choose a holiday home in your ideal location

So, you’ve already chosen your holiday destination, but now you need to think more specifically about which part of Lloret de Mar you would prefer to stay in. This coastal town has several beaches, bays and neighbourhoods for you to choose from, but the most ideal location depends on your wishes and those of your travel group. For a couple without children and with a car it can be wonderful to rent a more remote villa just outside Lloret, but if you are travelling with small children, it might be more convenient to choose a central location near the beach. Furthermore, avoid being tempted by beautiful pictures and instead keep in mind what kind of location suits you. You can use a map to get an idea of the local area in relation to the beach, the town centre, supermarkets, restaurants and other places that you would frequently visit. Location really is key when planning the perfect holiday.

Step 5: Choose a holiday home which fulfils all of your wishes

Your exact dream holiday home depends, of course, on your expectations and travel companions. You want to choose a holiday villa that is suitable and can accommodate everyone in your group, including any four-legged family members (pets). If you do decide to bring your furry friend, make sure you are searching for holiday homes which allow this. Furthermore, think carefully about which facilities you should have in the property: a large kitchen, a terrace, a swimming pool, a spacious living room, parking spaces, play area for the kids etc, etc. Don’t forget to also keep an eye on more specific amenities such as a washing machine, dishwasher or television. Making a list can be really useful at this stage.

Alternatively, kiss your dream holiday goodbye!

Of course, you could decide that this all sounds like too much hassle and just choose the first good-looking holiday home you stumble across – perhaps you’d even get lucky and find a holiday villa in Lloret de Mar that perfectly fits all your needs. However, as Lloret is so diverse, this approach to planning could also mean that you end up staying in a part of Lloret that does not actually suit your idea of a dream holiday at all. For example, accidentally choosing a central holiday villa for your family with two small children, right next to the local nightclub, or choosing a holiday home with a swimming pool for a group of friends, only to find it is so far from the bustling nightlife that you have to take a taxi home every night.

Kiss your dream holiday goodbye … or choose to find an all-round perfect holiday villa in Lloret with the 5 easy steps outlined above.

Aim for something better

The search phase is always going to be stressful: the more you look, the more you realise how overwhelming the choice is. However, the more prepared you are before this search, the easier and more stress free it will be to find your dream villa. Let us help make this process as quick and easy as possible so that you can enjoy yourself and focus on the fun part of preparation with your friends or family: daydreaming about how little you are actually going to do in Lloret! As a result, you’ll also get much more relaxing done on your holiday and avoid the stress of discovering that your holiday villa is not what you expected. The 5-step approach helps you to focus your search so that you can find the villa of your dreams.

Make it even easier for yourself

Could it be even easier? Yes, by booking with a rental agency that guarantees the best possible offers. You’ll get quality service and also find everything you’re looking for in one place. Club Villamar’s extensive range of holiday homes in Lloret de Mar ensures that your holiday dreams will come true.

Have you seen your dream villa on the Club Villamar website and have questions? Or would you like to receive more information about the stress-free booking of your ideal holiday villa in Lloret? Get in touch! As real experts on Spain we are more than happy to help!