Visit The Canary Islands

In order to enjoy the best holiday you’ve ever had, you must visit the best country! One of the best holiday countries in Europe, according to what tourists say, is Spain. With amazing landscape and beautiful cities, Spain is a very popular country. The most popular resorts here are on the coasts and islands, so if you are searching for some sun, then don’t miss the Canary Isles.

Puerto Del Carmen

Found on the island of Lanzarote, Puerto Del Carmen is the best known holiday resort here. Though it used to be a small harbour in the past, today it is a magnificent holiday destination: the water is a splendid turquoise, the sand is clean and the sun shines all the time here. The most visited beach here is Playa Grande; millions of people come to it every year.

They know that here they can do whatever they want: there are special places for practising water sports, relaxing gardens with wonderful flowers and trees and the cobbled and narrow streets that take you to a historical era. Add some lively night clubs close to numerous bars and it will become your favourite vacation destination. The nightlife here is very busy: the streets are crowded, no matter the hour, music is always present in your ears and the tasty Spanish tapas will amaze you.

Rancho Texas Park

Beside the fact that the entire place is a heavenly one, the main attraction of Puerto Del Carmen is definitely Rancho Texas Park. It is both an amusement park and a zoo; the exhibitions of rare birds and animals are next to some merry-go-rounds and other fun attractions. On one hand, if you travel with your kids, they will certainly love this place; on the other hand, if you travel by yourself or with some friends, you will certainly remember how beautiful it was to be a child again: don’t miss any of the amusement attractions here, take pictures, and enjoy a fabulous vacation.

Puerto Calero

Next to this Rancho Texas Park you can admire some valuable yachts in Puerto Calero. It is worth visiting, especially if it is your first time in such a place. There are numerous restaurants serving specific foods around the port; it is highly recommended that you taste all the meals prepared with fish, as it is said that you can have the most delicious meals in the world here.