Visiting Rota And Chipiona

Spain and its holiday destinations

As summer is just a few days away, everybody is already thinking about the holidays. After a long year full of stress and problems at work, lived in a big hectic city, everyone needs a break; everyone needs some relaxation. Are you in need of a holiday destination idea? Spain comes highly recommended.

This European country is a great destination for a warm holiday as it enjoys a perfect climate. In addition to this, Spain is the land of diversity meaning that tourists will be welcomed here by both warm waters and high mountain peaks, by cosmopolitan cities with impressive cultural heritage and by traditional villages that will charm your heart with their special air, by the old and the new.

You don’t have to worry about getting bored in Spain because this is absolutely impossible. Since Spain has thousands of attractions and hundreds of resorts and destinations perfect for a memorable holiday, you will surely find something to suit your tastes and something to please you. You should try it. You will not regret your decision.

Spending time in Rota

It is true that Spain has some very famous cities and tourist destinations that receive millions of visitors every year, but it also has some less popular and less famous destinations which are of a comparable beauty. One good example is Rota.

Rota quietly and peacefully exists just 16 kilometers away from Santa Maria’s port along a beautiful and picturesque coast. It is very closely situated to a U.S. military base in Spain which was installed sometime in the 1950s. This was the result of an exchange made by General Francisco Franco of Spain after World War II.

Rota is not a spectacular destination, but it is a very pleasant and relaxing one. You will be amazed by its two beaches, by the good selections of bars and clubs and by the exquisite restaurants that will nourish your senses.

Chipiona and its attractions

Chipiona is an elegant seaside resort with numerous family inns and wonderful spa waters. These are not the only attractions in Chipiona. You also have the beautiful beaches, the lighthouse from which you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the town and the historical monuments such as the Nuestra Senora Regla Church.

For the young tourists, Chipiona has some bars and discos, a huge list of fantastic restaurants and cheap accommodations. You should definitely try it!