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One day the sun, a private pool and a refreshing drink in your hand. And the other day you put your walking shoes on to explore the beautiful island of Menorca. That´s what you call the ultimate holiday experience!

Do you also want a fabulous carefree holiday next summer? The carefree feeling starts here! Without any effort you can find out instantly here what will make your holiday in Menorca so special and wonderful.

Discover the top 10 hotspots of Menorca!

TOP 10 reasons why your holiday in Menorca will be fantastic!!

1. The town of Mahon: Capital of Menorca

If you are not sure where to start, we recommend that you explore Mahon (Maó in Catalán), the biggest town on the island of Menorca and also its capital, as there is so much to see there.

Mahon has an important archaeological heritage, such as the “talayots” (megaliths in the form of a tower) and the “navetas” (funerary constructions in the form of an inverted boat), and these are not to be missed.

In the cultural centre of the city you will find magnificent historic buildings, which will surprise you, such as, for example, the biggest church on the island of Menorca, the Church of Santa Maria (gothic style), the area around the Plaça Espanya, the Town Hall (next to the church), or the Church of Carmen, one of the most interesting religious buildings in the neo-classic style.

Mahon also has a number of open spaces where you can walk, like the pedestrianised street Carrer Nou, where you will find a lot of local handicraft businesses. Then, by the sea and covering more than five kilometres, a huge leisure area opens up with numerous restaurants, bars and terraces. It will be a day well spent!

Mahon, a real cultural city in Menorca

2. Monte Toro: the highest point on the island of Menorca

It is well worth the effort to climb up to the highest point. With a height of 357 metres, Monte Toro, in the municipality of Es Mercadal, is the highest mountain on the island.
At the summit, you will find the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Bull, considered to be the spiritual centre of the island. According to the legend, the statue of the virgin was found at the top of the mountain by a group of monks, guided by a bull.

The actual church, where this wooden statue of the Virgin can be found, was built in 1670. Next to it, there is a defence tower and a statue placed there in memory of the Menorcans who died during the war, then outside the enclosure there are other commemorative monuments.

The distinctive silhouette of Monte Toro can be seen from practically every town in Menorca, and from the summit there is an exceptional panoramic view of the island.

The view from Mote Toro on Menorca is amazing!!

3. The Fortress of Mola in Menorca

In one of the biggest harbours of the world, the harbour of Mahon, you will find the jewel of Menorca’s military and historical heritage: the Fortress of Mola. This imposing fortress of Isabel II was built between 1850 and 1875 to defend the harbour and the island from the threat of British attack. Later the upper part was used as a military prison.

You will need at least 3 hours to visit the buildings and the shooting galleries, but you won’t even notice the time passing! If you would prefer, you can visit the whole fortress with a guide and walk through the impressive underground passages, which are below the pavement, while listening to the very interesting commentary.

From the castle you will be able to enjoy the incredible view over the peninsula of La Mola.

Discover the underground passages of the fortress on Menorca

4. The Lagoon of Es Grau in Menorca

Are you ready to see something really magnificent? In the north east part of Menorca, there is an area formed from very old geological materials (“devónicos”) and from the results of erosion.
This enormous park consists of a coastline of gentle beaches, with areas of slightly raised rocks. It is an exceptional place which offers an excellent habitat for more than 100 species of birds. It is a real paradise for ornithologists!
Most visitors to Menorca include this place amongst their favourites; bird watching is a real tourist attraction here.

The Natural Park offers plenty of tracks that you can follow, but we recommend that you explore the region by kayak along the marshlands. For people who prefer to hike, the park offers an agreeable coastal path and a beautiful lake.

If you have children with you, Es Grau is a very small village with a perfect beach for the little ones because the water isn’t too deep.

Kayak through this beautiful park on Menorca and spot all the bird species

5. Ciatudella: an important town of Menorca

Have you ever visited a town with prehistoric origins? The ancient capital of the Island of Menorca should not be missed. This old and magnificent town is made up of medieval streets lined with palaces, churches and fortresses. In the centre, you will find Es Born, the arsenal of the medieval citadel, and an obelisk which rises high above this square, in which fetes and other social activities of the town are held.

Walk through the narrow streets and visit the baronial hall which was once a royal palace. Admire the beautiful fountains, churches, palace and the baroque and gothic monuments. You will really enjoy them as they are truly magnificent.
After having visited all these monuments and places of interest in the Ciutadella, you will probably want to stop and cool off on the beach, won’t you? Well, you are in luck! Because close to the Ciutadella you will find Cala Mitjana, Cala Trabalúger and Cala Galdana, where the beaches are amongst the most popular in Menorca.

And that’s not all, because, in addition, you can take excursions by boat from the port to the various popular beaches of the Island of Menorca, the pretty rocky inlets, and the pleasant fishing villages.
One thing is certain. You will come back from your holiday with a good tan.

Make a boattrip from Ciatudella to all the popular beaches on Menorca

6. Fornells: magnificent gastronomic village of Menorca

If you like fresh fish, you cannot leave the village of Fornells without tasting one of the gastronomic specialities of Menorca: caldareta of lobster (a type of bouillabaisse of lobster.) The village is famous for its exclusively sea food restaurants. Even King Juan Carlos often eats here.

In addition to its good restaurants, Fornells is a pleasant fishing village, whose bay is one of the biggest natural harbours on the Island of Menorca, 5 kms long and 2 kms wide.

Around the bay there are little beaches like the Island of Sargatanes, where there is a fortification built in the time of English domination. Fornells is place of inspiration for a number of artists who have settled in this naturally protected area. In such surroundings, you will have the opportunity to take part in plenty of water sports as, for example, this is the ideal place to sail. And what about deep sea diving? You can also discover the wonderful underwater world of Menorca!

Don´t miss the best fish restaruants in Menorca!

7. Sa Cova d’en Xoroi, Menorca

It is unforgivable to go to Menorca and not visit “Sa Cova d’en Xaroi”. This cave has its own legend and forms part of the magnificent countryside. Once you have visited it, you will understand what we mean…

You will probably know that Menorca is not famous for its nightlife, but all the same, you will find clubs and night clubs that you won’t find in other places. “Sa Cova d’en Xoroi” is an exclusive discotheque situated in one of the caves of the cliffs of Cala ‘n Porter, an impressive natural environment! It is almost unique in Europe, and you will certainly be surprised by the amazing view.

There are international DJs who come to play their latest hits, there are shows and delicious cocktails! You will also find numerous terraces where you can enjoy the sunset or the sunrise! You are guaranteed an exceptional night.

Relax on the terrace or dance inside in this amazing club on Menorca

8. Naveta d’es Tudons, Menorca

Do not miss one of the most important Bronze Age monuments! It is a singular and spectacular megalithic construction lying close to Ciutadella, along the route of the main road, so it is a little difficult to see it rising up.

It had a funerary function, like a collective grave, as it contains around a hundred bodies, and its size is irrefutable proof of the importance its builders gave to rituals relating to life and death. This collective tomb in the form of an inverted boat is 13 metres long and 6 metres wide, and is made up of 2 levels. The huge blocks of stone used have a place in local legend, which regards the construction as the work of giants.

When the archaeological scientists discovered this tomb, the last one contained human remains, jewellery and other artefacts. This treasure dates from around 3000 years ago.

Menorca proofs that giants really existed!

9. Horse riding in Menorca

Have you had a passion for horse riding from an early age? Menorca is an island where horses have a precious symbolism. The horses of Menorca are internationally known as “Menorquins” and are very important to the island.

You will have the opportunity to take part in horse riding in the many riding centres and riding clubs on the island, at Maó, Ferreries and especially at Ciutadella. You can enjoy riding out in wonderful surroundings, along tracks and country paths for perfect communion with nature.

If you are a complete beginner at this sport, you can attend riding courses at the riding centres in Maó and Ciutadella!

Make a wonderful ride through Menorca.

10. Aqua Rock: Menorca’s aquatic park

Would you like to spend an excellent day cooling off and splashing about in the water with your family? Then you absolutely have to spend a day at Aqua Rock at Cala ‘n Bosch, the biggest aquatic park in Menorca!
Have fun trying out all the waterslides, wave pools and other attractions, as well as some peace and quiet, the jacuzzi and a dry zone where children can jump on bouncy mattresses. There are as many areas for the little ones as for the bigger ones, so it is ideal for all ages.

After all these activities you will probably be hungry. You can have a bite to eat at the Aqua Rock restaurant, which offers complete meals and also fast foods so that you don’t waste too much of your time. And then, it’s time to get going again!

But now, if you would prefer to stay dry, go to the Karting course. Yes, there is one!! Show us what you are like behind the wheel!

A fun day out with the whole family at Aquarock in Menorca

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